How to Select a Proper Backpack for Your Next Great Wall Hiking Trip

Your Detailed Guide to Choosing the Best Backpack


For travelers ready to experience the breathtaking views of the Great Wall of China near Beijing, it may be prudent to be fully prepared with appropriate gear. Proper footwear, clothing, and hydration are things most hikers generally remember. But people unfamiliar with long treks and the impact of equipment on their endurance and comfort may want to consider garnering some insight when selecting the best backpack for hiking the Great Wall. These are considerations that may enhance your experience.

Choose A Backpack That Suits Your Body

The value of a properly-fitted backpack cannot be understated. An incorrectly fitted backpack will grind on parts of your body and create discomfort. The result will inevitably reduce your enjoyment and shorten the hike.

A suitable backpack can be determined by understanding where it should begin and end. Locate the large, C7 vertebra on the back of your neck and the iliac crest. That’s the top of your hips, basically. Have a friend measure that distance and use that length as a backpack baseline. A suitable backpack for the Great Wall of China hike should accommodate your torso length.


Select Your Backpack Suspension Gear

Once you have measured your torso and have an idea about backpack length, securing the product will go a long way to improved comfort. In the outdoors industry, hiking aficionados often refer to the fastening aspects as “suspension.” These are suspension items that enhance backpack security and comfort you may want to consider.

  • Hip Belts: Today’s backpacks have moved far beyond putting the bulk of a backpack’s weight on your shoulders. Hip belts can transfer upwards of 80 percent of the load. This places far less strain on the shoulders and allows hikers to go farther with less fatigue. Designs include molded and padded products that can be tailored to your unique body type.
  • Shoulder Straps: An appropriate shoulder strap generally conforms to a person’s body shape. One-size-fits-all shoulder straps are inferior products that rarely deliver the comfort required to focus on the panoramic views instead of the bite of your skin. Review shoulder strap options in light of your body and be sure the product has adequate padding that ends 2-3 inches under the armpits.
  • Load-Lifter Straps: Located at the top of the backpack, they connect to the shoulder straps. A secure fit generally runs at a 45-degree angle and allows you to manage the distance between the backpack and your body.
  • Sternum Straps: This strap runs across your chest and secures the shoulder straps. Its presence provides a snug fit that reduces backpack jostling as you walk.
  • Back Panels: A hiking backpack defers from those used as a school-book carrier because it includes a panel that prevents the contents from poking you as you hike. It should also allow for air to flow between you and the panel to avoid unnecessary sweating.

These are essential design items to consider if you plan to hike a substantial portion of the Great Wall this summer. But this is not to say backpacks are all function and no style.


A Simple Backpack for Great Wall Day Hikes

For day hiking a simple backpack will usually do the trick. I would still recommend trying a few on for fit and comfort. You don’t want the hiking backpack to hang below your natural waistline.

Backpacking Backpacks for Longer Hikes

For longer hikes or overnight trips you need to look at the backpacking backpacks and again these are available by size. Hiker size and also capacity size. Backpacking backpacks are usually sized for a hiker based on torso length for best fit and maximum comfort.

Style Considerations for Your Great Wall Backpack Selection

The outdoors industry understands that people who embrace adventures such as the Great Wall of China have robust personal tastes. That’s why top backpacking manufacturers offer styles for men, women, youths in a variety of color and fabric options.

For those who prefer a leisurely walk on the Great Wall, simple backpacks to carry day trip items may be the right option. Whether you are a pro-hiker or excited visitor, it’s worth taking a moment to select a comfortable backpack when traveling to Beijing for a Great Wall excursion.


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