Visiting the Great Wall of China – Clothing and Footwear

Select the Right Clothing and Footwear For a Safe, Enjoyable Great Wall Trip

trail running woman runner tying shoelace before at great wall on the top of mountain


What you wear can make all the difference in every single aspect of your Great Wall of China trip.  The first question most travelers have is whether the Great Wall has a dress code. There is no religious or cultural dress code, per se, but you do want to dress according to the weather and location. We are here to help you choose the right clothing and footwear when visiting the Great Wall.

Clothing For Visiting the Great Wall

In Spring and Summer, as the weather warms up and hits the hottest month in July, with temperatures in the 80s, dress to let your body breathe. However, choose tees over tanks to protect your shoulders since you are closer to the sun. Also, athletic shorts or workout pants are recommended.

These garments can help you maintain your mobility whereas jeans or a skirt could prohibit your movement, such as if you were to slip. A tip is to carry along a thin scarf to use as a lightweight covering for your head or shoulders if the sun’s rays get too strong for you.

In the autumn, the temperatures begin to fall and reach freezing by winter. The Great Wall is less populated thanks to the off-season, and you can take advantage of fewer crowds. Throughout autumn and winter, dress warmly by wearing layers, such as a wool base layer, fleece jacket, puffy jacket, scarf, and gloves.

You can always take off layers if you get overheated, but it’s difficult to get warm without the right clothing on hand. Perhaps the most important item you can bring is a wool hat to keep your body heat from leaving through your head.

two successful women hikers enjoy the view on the top of great wall


Footwear for the Great Wall of China

Choose closed toe footwear all year long for your Great Wall of China adventure. After all, this is a hike and you are traversing across centuries’ old stonework. Protect your toes, but also choose shoes that are comfortable. Recommendations include low-top hiking shoes or running shoes.

In the winter months, consider wearing hiking boots that feature ice grip soles or attachments. The Great Wall stonework can freeze during the winter, creating a serious hazard.

At the same time, whether you visit this Chinese landmark in the spring of winter season, you want to look good. You will be taking plenty of photos and videos, and you’ll want your footwear to look perfect with your outfit.

young woman trail runner running at great wall on the top of mountain


Preparation is Key

This is where preparation is your best traveling tool. By planning your entire outfit including your footwear ahead of time, you do more than preparing your suitcase for your trip. You also give yourself plenty of time to process what you are taking.

For example, do you really need three options for base layer shirts? Could you get by with a single pair of wool socks, which, by the way, are an excellent addition for hiking the Great Wall? Now that you know what kind of clothing is best suited for each season, you can choose the best outfits to wear for your particular trip to Beijing, China.

trail running woman runner tying shoelace before at great wall on the top of mountain


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