Why A Trip to China is Expected to Get More Expensive

5 Unique Reasons Why Travel in China Will Become More Expensive

Why A Trip to China Is Expected to Get More Expensive Beijing


Are you planning a trip to China? You might be surprised at the price tag for admission to some of the sites on your itinerary—especially if you visited China a decade ago. Learn more about these reasons why China travel is so much more expensive these days.

Value of the Renminbi

The Renminbi or Yuan is the official Chinese currency. Since 2005, the Renminbi has appreciated nearly 30 percent. As a result of the Renminbi appreciation, the US dollar is no longer as valuable in the Chinese market. What does this mean for you? You will have to pay more for accommodations and dining.

Increased Cost of Admission

The cost of admissions to the different sites around Beijing, China continues to rise. Throughout China, more than 20 of the top tourist destinations have upped the price tag for visitors.  This is in direct relation to the rising cost of living and inflation in certain areas. In addition, some tourist-friendly activities and programs have increased the price of admission to help increase services.

Rising Price of Fuel

The price of fuel is such a volatile one that every major economy from the US to China is affected by fluctuations. Whenever the cost of crude oil increases, this affects every aspect of an industry. For the travel industry, for example, you are faced with rising fuel costs for airplanes, trains, and automobiles.

In addition, all of the food you eat is transported via these modes of transportation. Freight providers who transport this food in China are faced with fuel surcharges and rising fuel costs. These costs are tacked onto the food products and passed right along to the consumer, which in this case is you, the visitor. Everything else from the hotel linens you use to the souvenirs you buy while in China also comes with increased price tags due to fuel price increases.

Kaohsiung's famous tourist attractions


Rising Wage in China

In China, the annual wage is on the rise. This is great for tour guides and other workers in the tourism industry. However, someone has to pay the price tag—and in this case, it is you, the tourist. In the last 10 years, China has seen the annual wage increase by 14 percent in value. Part of this is due to the increased value of tour guides and workers in the industry.

Price Per Great Wall Section

Another reason why a trip to China is expensive—period—is because you have to pay for each section of the Great Wall of China when you go hiking there. For admission to hike Jinshanling Great Wall is 65RMB or $10.4 in the summer per person. Yes, that is for just one section. When you visit the Great Wall, you want to see as much of the terrain as possible. So you can anticipate the cost of actually hiking the wall to rise once you arrive if you are not prepared for the price of admission.

Final Thoughts

Now it is the best time to carry out your China travel plan, before it’s getting more expensive. To make sure you have enough money in your travel budget to cover any rising costs when in China, contact the travel pros.

Why A Trip to China Is Expected to Get More Expensive China


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