Finding the Best Hospitals in Beijing

Best International Hospitals in Beijing


When you visit Beijing, you hope that you and your loved ones will remain healthy and happy throughout the duration of your trip. Medical issues can easily arise, however, and when they do, you want to feel confident that you can find quality care. No worries — Beijing boasts some of the world’s finest facilities and medical professionals. Should you need to visit a hospital, you’ll find an impressive standard of care at these locations:

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics

As China’s first international standard hospital, the Beijing United Family Hospital enjoys a strong reputation all around the world. Bringing a Western style to China’s healthcare industry, this facility features imported medical equipment and is home to one of the nation’s finest teams of healthcare professionals.

Whether you’re currently dealing with a mild or severe condition, you can find prompt treatment from a team that will likely include multiple English speakers.

China-Japan Friendship Hospital 

As a cooperative effort between the governments of China and Japan, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital boasts a vast complex that includes nearly sixty departments.

As the teaching hospital for the Beijing University Medical School, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital employs a unique approach involving the integration of eastern and western medicinal therapies. 

Cancer Institute & Hospital 

Specializing in cancer treatment and research, Beijing’s Cancer Institute & Hospital advocates for the use of multiple disciplines in treating some of today’s deadliest diseases and conditions. Top treatments pursued at this hospital include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and laser therapy, among others.

Beijing An Ding Hospital

Affiliated with Capital Medical University, the Beijing An Ding Hospital has held a strong reputation throughout China for over a century.

Today, the hospital is home to specialized clinics that treat patients suffering from a variety of illnesses and conditions, including such mental health issues as eating disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and addiction.


Capital City Dermatology Hospital of Beijing 

As its name suggests, the Capital City Dermatology Hospital of Beijing primarily treats skin conditions ranging in severity from mild acne to serious STDs.

The hospital utilizes some of today’s most advanced skin treatment technologies and procedures, including laser depilation, video beam lasers, and epidermic grafting. The hospital’s staff strives to create a warm environment in which patients feel comfortable and confident.

Sekwa Eye Hospital

As one of China’s top private medical facilities, Sekwa Eye Hospital boasts strong partnerships with institutions based all around the world. The hospital treats cataracts, glaucoma, and a range of other eye conditions. Rehabilitation services are available in the hospital’s Vision Care Center.

International Medical Center

Situated among the many foreign enterprises of the Lufthansa Business Circle, the Beijing International Medical Center serves both a medical and a diplomatic function.

The hospital’s stated mission involves “excellence in foreign-related medical services.” To achieve this end, the facility offers a variety of services, ranging from surgery to obstetrics and even traditional Chinese medicine.

Final Thoughts

No matter the urgency of your medical condition, you deserve care from a team of highly regarded healthcare professionals. You’ll find exactly that at Beijing’s top hospitals, and ideally, English speakers who can help you navigate the nation’s healthcare system.

Don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance as soon as you become aware of any issues that could place your health or wellbeing at risk.


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