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Over the recent years, Beijing has cemented its authority as the perfect destination for business and pleasure. The city boasts of a diverse culture, embodied in a blend of modern architecture and authentic ancient heritage. No wonder many revelers and tourists crowd the mystic city to relish its natural and man-made attractions.

If you want an exciting and memorable experience when staying in Beijing, be it for business or pleasure, you must consider several factors.

1: Do you want to dwell in the customary Hutong Courtyard hotels or stick to the modern Western chains?

2: Would you wish to stay in the city bubbling with striking architectural designs, or in the pristine country amongst the indigenous population to share their rich indigenous culture, art, and cuisine?

3: Besides, you should ascertain whether you need to stay near shopping malls, cities with bustling night lives, boutiques and so on.

4: Last but not least, you must find out how you will commute from one place to another during your stay. Will you walk, take a taxi or the subway?

Making all these decisions can be daunting more so to a first timer who might have no idea of the perfect place to stay. So how exactly does one identify the ideal location to stay in Beijing?

a. Consider your interests

Secure accommodation that centers around your area of interest, as it helps to reduce your traveling expenses significantly. For instance, if you want to visit a lot of tourist attractions, the city center would be the ideal place to stay. However, if you relish sightseeing, enjoying the nightlife or shopping you will be better off residing along the City center’s eastern side. Some of the favorite locations include hotels located along the east 2nd ring road and east 3rd ring road in the Chaoyang and Dongcheng districts.

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b. Complement your budget

Next, decide the kind of accommodation that fits your budget, tastes, and preference. Do you want a residential kind of neighborhood like Wangjing, or one that beams with commercial activities like Wangfujing? Most tourists prefer boarding in the Wangfujing areas. The good thing is that Beijing has many offers to suit any budget.

c. Consider mobility

Determine how you will move from one place another. Most of your traveling around Beijing and when visiting attractive sites like the Forbidden City will be on foot. So be kind to your feet. Ensure to include a set of comfortable shoes; you will thank me later. Besides walking, there is the more convenient and affordable public transit system, which operate every day, throughout the year. Using the system, you can visit at least 80% of the tourist’s attractions. Whether you intend to walk, ride the public system or subway, look for accommodation that would conveniently help you move comfortably. For instance, if you plan to use the subway, stay near it.

The Ultimate Tourist Locations in Beijing.

Some of the renowned tourist cities in Beijing include the Wangfujing, Qianmen, Houhai or Nanluoguxiang, and the Xidan. While all these cities provide adorable accommodation facilities, they each have a distinct and unique taste.

Crowds of people in the shopping street of Beijing


The Wangfujing area

If you need the perfect vacationing accommodation, Wangfujing is the place to stay. It is synonymous with tourist activities. For starters, the Wangfujing Street is strategically located at a central point to all prominent attractions like the Forbidden City and Tiananmen. Furthermore, you can count at least fifteen hotels in the area. The hotels range from budget friendly options to the high-end luxurious suites. Staying in this area guarantees you ample time and access to shop for antiques, gifts, and souvenirs, as it has an important shopping street packed with items guaranteed to satisfy your shopping cravings. Apparently, all the shopping and sightseeing will make you famished, but not to worry. Located towards the west side of Wangfujing, is the famous exotic Wangfujing Snack Street, widely known for delicious and sumptuous western cuisine. A major challenge though when staying in the city is getting a taxi, especially on weekdays.

Houhai in Beijing at night. The lake with reflections of lamps and neon lights is in the foreground. In the backround are crowds of people in front of multiple bars and restaurant with multiple logos.


Houhai or Nanluoguxiang area

If you want to experience the vibrant Beijing ancient culture, and way of life, staying at the Houhai or Nanluoguxiang areas would be an excellent choice. The two regions have accommodation and recreational establishments that showcase the indigenous Beijing heritage. These include hotels, restaurants, fun cafes, shops, bars, hostels, as well as the traditional Hutongs courtyards. The areas also have a lot to offer when it comes to attractions. For starters from the city, a tourist can visit the Houhai Lake, drum tower, the Prince Gong Mansion and other interesting sites within the Hutong areas. While sightseeing, you can also visit the shops and get souvenirs like notepads and phone cases that have traditional artwork designs. Moving within these regions is also quite comfortable thanks to the subway line 6. Staying in the Houhai or Nanluoguxiang areas also offers you the perfect opportunity to sample the indigenous and authentic Beijing cuisine. The area around the bell or drum tower has many local restaurants bound to delight your tastes buds.



Qianmen area

A person visiting Beijing for sightseeing will love staying the Qianmen area. Besides being the historic center of Beijing, the Qianmen was also a famous red light district during the Qing Dynasty. It offers the best place from which to explore the Forbidden City, Dazhalan and the Tiananmen Square. Located in the south of the square is the Qianmen station at line 2, which makes maneuvering within the city easy. However, if you want to make the most of your stay, the best option is to walk. You can reach the Forbidden City by passing through Qianmen and Tiananmen. Only avoid the main street and stick to the side streets. If you desire, you can extend your walk to Dazhalan. Along the side streets, you will find several restaurants serving delicious meals, as well as trading shops and market stalls that sell silks.



Xi’dan area

If there is a place that caters for everyone’s shopping and fashion needs, it is Xi’dan. Besides offering suitable accommodation, delicious meals, and breathtaking site seeing offers, Xi’dan is a traditional commercial hub in Beijing. It features an extensive street that houses shopping malls, boutiques and clothing stores. Most of these shops trade in fast fashion, classic and fancy International brands like Zara, Gap, H&M, and DKNY. There are, however, others that deal with less pricey, locally manufactured garments and accessories. When it comes to accommodation and restaurants, Xi’dan has numerous modest hotels and hostels to suit anyone’s budget. Furthermore, it is only two kilometers away from the Tiananmen Square, making it the perfect choice for a holiday stay.


Since you would wish to visit as many tourist attractions, markets, shows and restaurants, make sure that you take your time to identify the best location for stay. Determining beforehand what you want for your Beijing vacation is a nice starting point

 List of hotels / hostels used by our previous clients

You can print the address in both English and Chinese to get to your place by taxi.

  • Xiao Yuan Alley Courtyard Hotel(小院客栈-东城区朝阳门内南小街礼士胡同12号近王府井大街 65212658)
  • Red Wall Garden Shijia Hotel (红墙史家花园酒店 – 东城区史家胡同41号近东四南大街51692222 )
  • Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing hotel (临空皇冠假日酒店 北京市顺义区天竺地区府前一街60号 58108888 )
  • Ibis Beijing Jianguomen (宜必思(北京建国门酒店) 朝阳区建华南路6号院1号楼地杰长安驿 65671588)
  • Citytel inn (都季商务快捷酒店 -南河沿大街华龙街D座 85116665)
  • Holiday Inn Express Shangdi (上地智选假日酒店海淀区上地东路33号 82709999)
  • Inner City (清风雅筑四合院客栈 – 西城区赵登禹路大茶叶胡同20号 66160200)
  • Hotel Holiday Inn Dongzhimen (东直门智选假日酒店 -春秀路1号 64169999)
  • Days Inn Forbidden City 北京香江戴斯酒店 – 东城区南河沿大街南湾子胡同1号 65127788
  • Somerset ZongGuanCun Beijing 盛捷中关村服务公寓 海淀区海淀中街15号(近中关村海龙大厦)58730088
  • Beijing Hyde hotel
  • Crown Plaza Hotel 48 Wangfujing Ave Dongchen District
  • Lee Garden Service Apartments 18 Jinyu Hutong Wangfujing
  • Downtown Packpackers Nanluoguxiang
  • Liuhe Courtyard Hotel
  • Novotel Peace Hotel
  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • City Walls Courtyard House 57 Nianzi Hutong Jingshanhoujie Dongcheng District
  • Flowering House Courtyard Hostel Beijing
  • Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven
  • Park Plaza Hotel (丽亭酒店 – 东城区金宝街97号(地铁5号线灯市口站C口出东行50米)85221999)
  • The Opposite House Beijing Building 1, No. 11 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang Dstrict
  • Hotel G Beijing
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