Airport to Great Wall, how to get there?

Best Tips on How to Get to the Great Wall from Beijing Airport



Getting from airport to Great Wall straightly is a memorable journey if you have more than 9 hours stop over in Beijing. On a 24 hour Beijing visa free stopover, you are allowed to reach Great Wall from the airport by using taxis, private car / van. As there’s no direct bus service from airport to Great Wall, The best way to visit Great Wall from the airport is to book a private car tour. It is a quicker, convenient and cheap way to travel to Great Wall from the airport.

What is the closest airport to visit the Great Wall of China?

Most of the popular sections of the Great Wall are located around Beijing. That being so, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is the closest airport to visit the Great Wall of China. If you’re flying in from anywhere in the wrold or in China, chances are you’ll come through here.

Which section of the Great Wall should I visit from the airport?

Visiting Mutianyu– the closest part to the airport (PEK) is highly recommended if you have 9 -14 hour stop over in Beijing. It should take no more than 1 hour 20 minutes to get there each way. You can do Mutianyu Great Wall either independently -getting a cab from the airport to Great Wall. It should cost around between RMB 700-900. Be aware most cab drivers in Beijing speak very little English. Or alternatively, you can pre-book private car tour to Mutianyu through travel agents or specialist tour operators.

Great Wall


At Mutianyu, you do have to be prepared to walk on some fairly rough and demanding terrain for about half hour, though most part of Wall is quite flat. Having some good footwear is a good idea before you go. Using cable car/chair lift can help you avoid the initial climb up. You may want to entertain yourself by riding toboggan down. The toboggan is a favorite among kids and it’s very safe to use.

Engaging in advance a car company to meet-and-greet is a good idea. Your driver will take you out to Mutianyu directly and back. You have time to visit, and have driver wait, then return you to the airport by certain time to catch your next flight.

If your outbound flight is international and your main bags are already checked through, then you’ll need to be back at the terminal about 1.5 -2 hours before your departure, in order to have time to deal with immigration and security, and get your boarding pass for your next flight.

The distance between the Beijing airport to the Great Wall

Beijing airport (about 66 km) Mutianyu Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 68 km) Juyongguan Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 78 km) Badaling Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 90 km) Jiankou Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 77 km) Huanghuacheng Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 144 km) Jinshanling Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 139 km) Gubeikou Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
Beijing airport (about 139 km) Simatai Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road.

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14 Responses to “Airport to Great Wall, how to get there?”

  1. Krista

    Hi, is there a group I can join on Saturday 7 January for a tour of Mutianya? I have a 19 hour layover arriving from in the morning and would like to see the wall but cannot afford the price individually. Thank you.

    • Ricky

      Hi Brenda, if you have over 10 hours layover, and your landing time is before 1pm, then going to Mutianyu Great Wall straight from the airport is a good option for you.

      Mutianyu Great Wall is a good alternative for Badaling, often quiet, with the complete facilities including a cable car, chairlift and toboggan. You can check the link for the details.

  2. Sarah

    Is there a group tour that I could join on Sunday 8th April to Mutianya? I have a 12 hour layover arriving early afternoon and would like to see the wall, but cannot afford the price individually. Thanks 🙂

  3. Exildah

    I want to visit the great wall of China. Normally I come to Guangzhou for business purposes. I am thinking of getting on a flight to Beijing the get on a local flight to Guangzhou.
    Can I use the same China visa I have in my passport?

    • Ricky

      ​Hello ​Exildah, thank you for the inquiry. You can use the same China visa I have in your passport to Beijing if it works for you.

  4. Sergei

    we’ll (3p) have about 18 hours between our flights (arriving 0500, departing 2300) and would like to visit the Great Wall. Could the WGW arrange “a day tour”? would the transportation from/to airport be included? What would be the costs? any other relevant info?
    Thank you…

  5. Dinesh

    Hi, i am travelling from india and i am reaching jinzhou bay and would like to visit Great wall which is the best way to get there

    • Ricky

      Hi Dinesh, you may take train from JInzhou to Beijing, then book a tour from Beijing to the Great Wall, if that works for you.

  6. Fiona

    Useful article my internal flight lands at 13.35 – I would be staying near the airport to catch an international flight in the am – would there be time to visit the Wall.

  7. Nomingoo Newton

    Hi we’re stay in Beijing for 2 nights, we like to see great wall and other things. Two adults and two kids. How much tour would be cost , is there some one can pick us up at airport drive to our hotel , other things?

  8. Dian Putri

    Hi! I need your advice!
    So, I actually gonna visit Seoul on December but will transit in PEK for 19 hours (from 7 PM until the boarding time is on the next day at 2.30 PM). Instead of staying at the airport, I’m going to take a free transit visa for 24 hours, staying at the hotel and planning on visiting Great Wall in the morning.

    The questions are:
    1. Is it possible for me to visit Mutianyu Great Wall from 8.00 AM – 10.30 AM and then leave very soon to the airport, to catch the flight at 2.30 PM?
    2. If it’s possible, which transportation is the best? Should I take a taxi from the hotel?
    3. If I’m looking for the nearest hotel at Mutianyu, can you suggest me some hotels?
    4. If I have to catch a flight from Mutianyu Great Wall, is there lots of taxi there? I’m afraid will be wasting too much time looking for taxi at Mutianyu Great Wall 🙁

    Thank you so much for your time, I’m so sorry if I asked too much. I’m looking forward hearing back from you since it’s gonna be my first time in Beijing.

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