6 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Summer Sun Damage While Hiking the Great Wall

Top 6 Tips to Avoid a Sunburn During Your Great Wall Adventures

Protect Your Skin from Summer Sun Damage


Skin care for summer Great Wall of China hiking doesn’t need to be complicated, but a few quick considerations will make sure that you come off the trail looking healthy and outdoorsy. Below are six things you should start doing right away to protect your skin from sun blisters, sun poisoning, and long term sun damage.

Minimize Sun Exposure

The easiest way to protect yourself from too much sun is to limit the time you spend out under its rays. Yet when you are traveling to Mutianyu, Jinshanling or Huanghuacheng, you want to get as much out of your vacation time as possible.

To balance the heat, do the bulk of your hiking in the early morning or afternoon. Avoid hiking at noon whenever possible to avoid the strongest sunlight of the day.

Wear Protective Accessories

Start by purchasing sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays. You can find these at your optometrist or any brand name sunglasses dealer.

Make sure you choose a reputable brand that is tested and marked as 100 percent UV blocking. Also, shop for sun protection gear including hats and neckerchiefs made from a material that is treated to block or repel ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays.

Do your research regarding brands and the science behind their products for the best results.

Cover Your Skin

Along with accessories, choose the right clothing to protect your skin against the sun. Long sleeves and pants may seem outlandish if you are traveling to Beijing in the summer.

However, you can find thin layers that offer lightweight protection against the sun’s rays. Look for clothing treated with the same UV blocking material as the hats and neckerchiefs.

Tourist man from behind looking at view of Great Wall of China at famous Mutianyu tourism attraction during travel vacation in Beijing. Asia autumn holidays.


Use Safe Sunscreens

Buy a fresh bottle of sunscreen before you leave for Beijing. Older sunscreens from last season may not be as effective or safe for sun protection.

Consider a sunscreen that has a waterproof formulation to avoid sweating away your sunscreen after each application. You can also find tinted sunscreen if you want to use this in place of makeup to make your Great Wall of China snapshots pop.

Wash Your Face Shortly After Your Hike

Along with UV damage, there are environmental stressors that can affect your skin. Dirt, pollen, and air pollution are just the start. After you finish your hike each day at the Great Wall, wash your face. You will remove the sunscreen and any contaminants that could damage your skin in the long term.

Get a Skin Cancer Screening

The best way to detect skin cancer is with regular skin cancer screening by your medical doctor. Consider getting a cancer screening before you travel to Gubeikou or Simatai in Beijing to give yourself peace of mind. Then when you return from your trip, it might be beneficial to schedule another test if you see any spots or indicators of skin cancer.

By keeping yourself protected against harmful sun rays you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors longer and avoid causing problems that will make Great Wall of China hiking difficult.



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