6 Tips for a Kid-Friendly, Culture-Packed Getaway in Beijing

Top Tips to Give Kids Some Culture and a Vacation at the Same Time



Traveling with the whole family is a great way to open your children’s eyes to a world beyond their front door. Beijing is such a fascinating location that you can “hide” the cultural learning simply by checking out some of these six fascinating locations that will be interesting for the entire family. From walking along the Great Wall to firsthand experiences of life in Beijing, start planning a getaway that your whole family will enjoy.

1. Hiking Along the Great Wall

Whether you opt to hike along the Great Wall throughout the day and camp at night or select a shorter route, our guides ensure that you will have memories that will last a lifetime. This isn’t the well-maintained, tame walk that you might expect. This 4-6 hour walk takes you through either  JiankouJinshanling or other remote locations along the wall.

2. Seek Out Local Arts and Crafts

Paper cutting is one of the most fascinating local crafts that has been a part of Chinese life since the 6th Century — the time of the Han Dynasty. Women make up the majority of paper cutting artists, and their works often become a part of weddings or other special occasions throughout the area. Want to try your hand at something special? Check out the silk museum and factory, where kids can watch silkworms chomping on leaves.

6 Tips for a Kid-Friendly, Culture-Packed Getaway in Beijing China


3. Take a Cooking Class

One of the best ways to truly understand a culture can be quite tasty! That’s right, why not try taking a cooking class while you’re in Beijing and create some traditional Chinese delicacies together? The cuisine is far different from Americanized Chinese food, and your whole family will be delighted with the care that goes into crafting these traditional dishes.

4. Tune In to Local Music and Folk Dance

Hearing the classical sounds of Chinese music, the graceful and unique makeup and costumes — adults and children alike will fall in love with the performance options in Beijing. There are several theaters that offer everything from Dragon Dancing, to juggling and acrobatics — all taking place with dramatic music as the backdrop.

6 Tips for a Kid-Friendly, Culture-Packed Getaway in Beijing


5. Visit a Traditional Chinese Neighborhood

While only a few hutongs, or traditional Chinese homes, remain in Beijing, visiting these neighborhoods like Nanluoguxiang will give you a glimpse into the rich and diverse past. Want to truly experience life in the capital city?

Enjoy your tour in the back of a bicycle rickshaw, a form of transportation that was made popular in the 19th century and still remains available today. Discovering what lies behind these square courtyards provides a fascinating diversion for an afternoon in Beijing.

6. Look for a Hotel with a Culture-Rich Children’s Program

Many of hotels in the Beijing area offer a rich program of culture for children, from sculptural representations of Eastern artwork to delicious and tempting dishes for dinner. You can find some of the most popular options in Middle Chaoyang, where modern architecture meets an idyllic greenway that children are sure to love.

6 Tips for a Kid-Friendly, Culture-Packed Getaway Beijing


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