5 Super Simple Ways to Save Some Serious Money When You Travel

Easy Ways to Save Money to Travel the World


If you want to make the most of your money this year, but still want to travel and indulge your sense of adventure, getting smart with your finances is crucial. Just because you want to improve your personal finances, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on luxuries like weekend travel excursions or trips to foreign lands.

Try the following five super simple ways to save serious money when you travel and you’ll be able to explore your wanderlust tendencies without emptying your wallet in the process.

  1. Register for email subscription newsletters.
  2. Think about sleeping during the day and traveling at night.
  3. Pack snacks to take with you when you travel.
  4. Compare prices between airlines.
  5. Consider taking advantage of free travel offerings.

1) Register for email subscription newsletters.

Register for email subscription newsletters from places you’re considering traveling to in the future. Receive news and promotional offers from hotels, resorts, and tourism attractions. You can save money via these promotional offers and stay informed about your favorite destinations at the same time.

2) Think about sleeping during the day and traveling at night.

Some accommodation providers offer reduced rates if you stay with them during the day and vacate your room in the late afternoon. This allows a hotel/motel to clean your room and rent it out again the same day. Start asking accommodation providers about day rates and you’ll be impressed how much you can save when you travel.

3) Pack snacks to take with you when you travel.

You’ll pay extra to eat the snack provided in hotel mini-bars or dispensed by vending machines. Carry snack bars, peanuts, and protein energy bars with you in your backpack or carry-on luggage.

You won’t be tempted to pay for expensive snacks when you’re traveling and you’ll never suffer from the dreaded “what is there to eat around this place?” frustration.


4) Compare prices between airlines

Compare prices between airlines and also check to see if purchasing two one-way tickets is cheaper than booking a return ticket. If you’re flexible with flight choices, you can sometimes take advantage of reduced prices on flights that aren’t at full occupancy.

Make sure you clear the tracking cookies on your web or mobile browser when searching for flights to see if you’re offered different rates at different times.

5) Consider taking advantage of free travel offerings.

Consider taking advantage of free travel offerings in exchange for sitting through a timeshare presentation. You needn’t purchase a timeshare property; simply sitting through their sales pitch is often all it takes to be rewarded with free or significantly reduced prices on accommodations.

You’ll be amazed at the places you can travel to just by giving up a little of your free time for a sales presentation from a timeshare company.

Final Thoughts

Integrate these five travel hacks into your fiscal planning if you want to become a super savvy traveler. You can reduce your travel expenses and have loads of adventures at the same time. What are your thoughts? Are there specific travel hacks you use to save money when you travel?


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