5 Reasons Mutianyu Great Wall is Best to Visit With Kids

Top 5 Reasons Mutianyu is Best to Entertain Your Kids

5 Reasons Mutianyu Great Wall is Best to Visit With Kids

While it can be hard to please everyone in the family when trying to make the best decision as to which section of the Great Wall to visit. Mutianyu might just do the trick, offering something for everyone.

Whether you want a relaxing break for the whole family, or if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous. Mutianyu offers something for people of all ages and types to enjoy. It’s a particularly enticing attraction for parents with young children.

Easily accessible, yet less crowded than other Great Wall sections,  Mutianyu makes for a wonderful day trip with the entire family. The following are just a few of the many reasons to visit Mutianyu with kids:

1. Mutianyu Is Less Crowded Than Badaling

Badaling may be easily accessible from Beijing, but that can actually be a problem — this portion of the Great Wall tends to attract huge crowds. It’s tough to enjoy the landmark’s scenery and history if you’re constantly worrying about your child getting lost in the crowd. While Mutianyu can also be busy at times, its crowds are typically more manageable — particularly for parents with multiple kids to track down.

2. Mutianyu Is the Most Accessible Section to Visit With Kids

Small children can only walk so far before they tire. Thankfully,  Mutianyu offers a myriad of methods for getting around and accessing the area’s most impressive views. Cable cars make it easy to get to the Great Wall, while toboggans provide an element of adventure.

Young children may be frightened by chairlifts, but pre-teens and teenagers find them exhilarating. Sometimes, the journey is even better than the destination — such is often the case for children as they take advantage of unique options for accessing the Great Wall.

3. The Walk Is Relatively Easy For Visitors of All Ages

If you choose to spend the majority of your time at Mutianyu on foot, you’re in luck — this restoration masterpiece is notoriously walkable. As mentioned earlier, paths are accessible via cable cars. Walking areas are carefully maintained, so you don’t need to worry about your kids tripping on hazards once they arrive. A few sections like  the part between tower 19 and 20 are steep, but by no means inaccessible for young children.

Couple with child walking on Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, China, Asia

4. Public Toilets Are Clean And Easy to Find

Bladder problems always strike at the most inconvenient times. When your child begins complaining of the need for a bathroom break, access to public facilities can seem like a dire matter. No worries — at Mutianyu, you’ll find a multitude of public toilets.

Near the Subway is a decent bathroom. Another one is next to cable car station. Not only are these facilities easily accessible, they’re typically quite clean (even on busy days). Newly renovated restrooms offer both squat and sit toilets, which can be difficult to locate if you visit other areas of the Great Wall. Don’t forget to pack toilet paper and hand sanitizer, as these may not be available in all restroom facilities.

5. Several Excellent Dining Opportunities Are Located Nearby

Dining with finicky eaters can be a hassle wherever you go in the Beijing area. The more options available, the better. Several of the restaurants located near Mutianyu are kid-friendly, so you’ll find it easy to grab a meal after you’ve fully explored the Great Wall.

At the bottom of the Wall next to the Cable Car Station there is a subway and near Mutianyu tourist center there is a Burger King. Moreover, Mutianyu Village boasts a number of authentic Chinese eateries. Most are small, about 10–20 minutes drive from the Mutianyu car park. Here are some local restaurants around Mutianyu:

  • Kao Shan Tun Northeast Farm Dish Restaurant (20 minutes’ drive from Mutianyu),  Chinese restaurant, Food include Kung Pow Chicken, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Local Barbecue Fish. One of the few local restaurants open late. 50-80 yuan per person. 
  • Xiaolongpu Restaurant (10 minutes’ drive from Mutianyu), dishes from around China, including Sichuan, Canton, Northeast, and even Beijing. A good place for a quick meal to or from Mutianyu. 50-80 yuan per person
  • Fish Chef (15 minutes’ drive from Mutianyu)near Mutianyu Roundabout famous for the rainbow trout barbacue, 50-80 yuan per person. 

Age should not be a restriction for visiting the Great Wall of China. Make memories to last a lifetime at Mutianyu — the perfect attraction for active families.

5 Reasons Mutianyu Great Wall is Best to Visit With Kids Beijing
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4 Responses to “5 Reasons Mutianyu Great Wall is Best to Visit With Kids”

  1. Anouska

    Hi, I’ll be bringing my 5 year old and 2 year old to Beijing and am very nervous about taking my 2 year old to the wall without a stroller etc. She’s a very heavy baby so I couldn’t do much carrying etc. Is it feasible do you think? How long would you be up there for etc? From Beijing is it easy to get too? Many thanks

  2. Ricky

    Hi Anouska, thank you for the message. It’s quite ok for taking your 2 year old kid to Mutianyu Great Wall. From Mutianyu parking lot, you will walk around 10 minutes along the street to shuttle bus station to the entrance. after getting off shuttle bus, then another 10 minute walk to cable car / chairlift station to get up to the Wall if that works for you. With some breaks, you can easily take you kids to Mutianyu by riding cable car / chair lift, if it’s right for you.

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