Beijing Winter clothes shopping guide

Winter clothes in Beijing – what to pack for winter?

Bringing winter clothes onto the plane is an absolute must when you’re traveling to chilly Beijing in winter. As winters are generally long and range from cold to bone-chilling in Beijing, you would appreciate having winter clothes in your bag when you get off plane.

Layers is the key when visiting Beijing in winter. If you are out and about from late November to early February, wearing a nice pair of thermal underwear would be a good idea. If you plan to spend much time outdoors, you might appreciate having a nice thick pair of trousers, and then a nice jumper with a thick coat, and a scarf.

You’re likely to encounter snow in Beijing, so outer wear is crucial. Don’t underestimate QUALITY gloves, wool socks.It really helps a lot. Make space in your bags for wool socks and sweaters. It is advisable to use body lotion and lip gloss in winter.

Buy winter clothes in Beijing

I listed places (and mapped them out) to make it easier than pie for shopping for winter clothes in Beijing. You can right click the map to enlarge or download.


1: Yashow Clothing Market – Winter jackets are not that expensive in Yashow. You will find that shops there have western size clothes. There are quite a lot of selection there but also you need to bargain. Authenticity will be a problem. The cheaper it is, the more likely it is fake.

Getting there:  Num.58, Gongti West Road, Chaoyang District. Take subway line 10 and get off at at the station of Tuanjiehu,  take Exit D. Opening Hours: 9am-9pm daily.

winter clothes in Beijing



2: Silk Market – The Silk Market have quite a lot of shops where you can buy jackets, but you have to bargain. The sales girls are very aggressive and shopping could be an unpleasant experience. There is a wholesale market a block south of the Beijing zoo. It would be cheaper if you don’t care much about quality and style.

Getting there: North of Dong Chang An Avenue, Jianguimenwai Street, Chaoyang District. Subway: take subway line 1 then get off at the station of Yonganli, take Exit A. Opening Hours: 9am-9pm daily.


winter clothes in beijing


winter clothes in beijing


3:  Hong Qiao Pearl Market is a huge tourist market like Silk Market. located to the opposite side of Temple of Heaven. Peal market is a good option too, but you will need to bargain significantly to get a decent price. The asking prices are often quite high so it is important to haggle.

Getting there: 9 Tiantan Rd, Dongcheng, the opposite the east gate of Temple of Heaven. Take Subway Line 5 and get off at the station of Tiantandongmen ( East Gate of Temple of Heaven ), then cross the street. Opening Hours: 8:30am-7pm daily.

winter clothes in beijing


4: Beijing Zoo Clothing Wholesale Market – Best to go on a weekday — gets really crowded during weekends. Wholesaler is located very near to the Beijing zoo. You can easily combine seeing some pandas with your shopping.

The wholesale market group includes seven markets, located around Beijing Zoo. Just across the street from the Beijing Zoo, Julong (the best one — street wear, casual wear, ironic sweaters, shoes, retro, vintage), Dong Ding (shoes, accessories), Tianlegong (designer wear) and Shiji Tianle are collectively and commonly known as the Zoo Market.

Getting there: Around Beijing Zoo, Xizhimen Wai Dajie, Xicheng District. Subway station: Beijing Zoo, take exit C. Hours: 7:30 am – 5 pm daily.

winter clothes in beijing


5: Decathlon – Decathlon is a good European outdoor store that sells quality stuff at low prices. There is one just outside of Gong Yi Xi Qiao subway station (bottom of Line 4). Actually there may be four Decathlon stores in Beijing.

Getting there: Dajiaoting S St, Chaoyang. It’s a little bit difficult to find the place. Take the line 1 to  Dawanglu Station, then take the bus #31 then get off at Bawangfen Nan. 9:00 am – 9:00 pm daily.


6: Big department stores – Many big department stores in Beijing where you don’t have to worry about price. To any department store no need bargain. ( If you go to shops where no tourists will come, you do not really bargain.) They do not speak English, but that is not a real problem. You just point what you want and they show you on a calculator what it will cost you. Prices there are low anyway.  Wangfujing or Xi’dan area have several good department stores to choose from.

Winters in Beijing are generally long and range from cold to bone-chilling. If you’re not planning on bringing winter clothes, to change into on the plane, still you have good places to buy winter clothes when you arrive in Beijing.

winter clothes in Beijing


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