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Great Wall hikes 







Active China trip

An ACTIVE China trip is not just a sight-seeing tour – of course you’ll see some amazing sights! We provide exceptional Great Wall hikes on the wild Great Wall that capture the inspiring scenery, great deal of beauty of the wonderful Great Wall; We believe the BEST way and often the only way to really experience the Great Wall is to pass through it on foot.
Our fascinating hiking routes are not simply the shortest distance between two points. We take you to secluded, undeveloped sections of Great Wall not bustling with tourists such as Jinshanling, Jiankou, Huanghuacheng, Gubeikou, Panlongshan and Mutianyu. They are usually peaceful, often wild.

There’s nothing quite like a day’s walking on the Wall in the clean, fresh air to experience the past and also to relax your body and mind. Our Great Wall hikes should satisfy both beginners and experienced hikers.

Private Guiding

We provide private guiding to suit your hike. Discover hidden Great Wall just off the beaten path; hear the history, tales, and legends of the Great Wall. You may hire your own guide to accompany one or more people on any of the hikes or we can tailor-make something to suit.