Where to see fading beacon towers? Wild Great Wall Hiking/Camping 3


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An indispensable part of Great Wall

Two thousand years of attack by rain and wind and destruction by man have changed  Great Wall into a rather dilapidated “Wild Great Wall” and make it difficult to find a beacon tower in Beijing. Beacon towers made it possible to transmit military intelligence in the mountainous area rather than solely relying on riding horses. It reveals to us the rich history, help us gain an insight into Wild Great Wall.

Meet beacon towers through Great Wall hiking

Great Wall hiking on Jinshanling  let us encounter this glorious military architecture. East beacon tower and west beacon tower sit on the two peaks of Jinshanling like two generals guarding the gateway to the north. It’s definitely not to be missed when you start walk with a short climb up to a watchtower at Shalingkou Pass of Jinshanling. Walking on Jinshanling is a good way to walk through the history and embrace nature if you think about strategic beacon towers offered excellent defense, connected into a mature defense system by the Great Wall.

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