When is the best time to camp on the Great Wall?

If simply hiking along the Great Wall just isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite for adventure, then you might want to try an overnight camp-out. Camping overnight on top of the Great Wall, and see the sunrise over the Wall is a great travel experiences. Sleeping on the Great Wall brings you a chance to interact intimately and respectfully with history.

The best time to camp on the Great Wall is mostly a matter of personal preference. Experienced campers may have camped during all four seasons. But most of us best consider camping on the Great Wall in the warmer weather seasons.



Late spring – April, May, June – or late-summer and fall – September, October, November are undoubtedly the best time of a year to camp on the Great Wall. Although humidity and high temperatures may turn July and August uncomfortable months, they are also the most visited months for Great Wall. You may want to avoid winter months, when temperatures may fall very low.

Great Wall Spring Camping

Besides warm and sunny days, the possibility of spring wildflowers is a big attraction. You won’t regret to bring a warm jacket or sweatshirt in spring as it is still cold at mid-night on Great Wall. Late spring is a better choice as it will be warmer on the Great Wall.

Great Wall Summer Camping

July and August are the hottest months in summer.  Even so summer mornings can be chilly, so make sure to dress in layers. Great Wall Summer camping also means longer days,  you can remain away from the camp sight for longer hours. The sun is at its worst during summers and can cause some serious damage to your skin, remember to pack sunscreen.


Great Wall Fall Camping

Fall can be the best time to camp on the Great Wall. You will get much milder temperatures which can be a benefit when taking a long hike in the mountains. Plan your Great Wall camping trip during in September and October, you won’t be disappointed. You do need to take extra layers of clothing as the temperatures can change much quicker in the fall than in the summer.

Great Wall Winter Camping

Try to avoid to camp on the Great Wall in winter. Winter months require a lot of strength, as it is very cold outside. Stormy weather, be it snow, can certainly have a negative impact on your camping experience by limiting your activities, but more importantly it can also be dangerous.

A few additional tips

Check the forecast before your departure and be prepared. The temperature can affect your overall experience. If you will make a longer camping trip on Great Wall than 2 or 3 days better receive updated weather information where you’re camping at.

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