What to Pack for a Trip to Beijing

Ready to Jet Off to Beijing, Take These Tips for Packing Smartly on Your Trip

What to Pack for a Trip to Beijing


When packing for a trip to Beijing it might be hard to know what you really need and what will remain in the suitcase unused. Though your final packing list will be somewhat dependent on the time of year. The biggest mistake you’ll make is over-packing. Before you go, grab these essentials to make the most of your trip.

Copies of Itinerary

Always put a physical or digital copy of your travel itinerary inside your each piece of your luggage, including hotel and car-rental confirmations. By bringing all your important information together, this will help ensure you have everything you need to get from one place to the next.

Cell, Smart or Mobile Phone and Charger

Take your cell, smart or mobile phone and charger with you to Beijing. Buying a local SIM card is often the cheapest way to use your phone overseas. It’s very cheap and easy to purchase a SIM card at Beijing airport or the store near your hotel.

Appropriate Clothing for the Weather

The seasons in Beijing vary, so pack accordingly:

  • In the winter months of January and February you will want warm clothing, including a winter coat, scarves and gloves.
  • For spring and fall, when the temperatures can vary quite a bit, check the weather predictions soon before your trip, or plan to pack for varied weather conditions.
  • You don’t want to end up freezing or overheating on your trip. Summer sun can be hot and brutal, so plan for warm weather clothing.
What to Pack for a Trip to Beijing China


A Backpack

When you are out and about exploring the city’s best public parks, famous museums, you will want a backpack to carry your belongings safely. This will ensure you can take water and money along with any other necessities, and it will also give you a place to stash anything you purchase along the way.

A Larger Suitcase

Don’t stuff your suitcase full to the brim. Make sure that it has some room inside for the items you are going to purchase. You’ll find quite a few bargains in addition to the souvenirs you purchase as you explore Beijing.

Toiletry Items: Less is More

In addition to your shampoo, toothpaste and soap, you will want some specific toiletry items for your trip. Tissues are important, because public restrooms may not be stocked with toilet paper.

Take some eye drops in case the pollution in the city irritates your eyes, and some medication for upset stomach in case you eat something that does not agree with you.

Some sanitizing wipes will help you stay clean and free from illness. Throw a pollution mask in for those days when Beijing’s pollution levels are high.

Sturdy, Comfortable Walking Shoes

Beijing is a city that needs to be explored on foot. While you might take transportation at the start and end of your day, you will want shoes that are good for walking. Stick with something that will keep your feet comfortable. This is not the time to break in a new pair of cute designer shoes.

If you will be hiking the Great Wall of China then ensure that you have a better quality and waterproof hiking shoe option.

Electronic Considerations

Beijing uses 220V electricity, which won’t be compatible with the electric-powered items you are bringing with you. Bringing a converter will ensure you can use your items, because your hotel may not have one available for your use.

If getting on Google and Facebook or similar western websites is important to you, consider installing a virtual private network (VPN) on your phone or laptop before you leave. Also, bring an external battery charger for your phone and camera, because some of your day trips may take you far from a convenient place to plug in.

A Great Camera to Capture it All

The city of Beijing is full of rich, vibrant history. From the Forbidden City to the Summer Palace, you will find ample opportunities to take photographs. Don’t rely on your camera phone alone. Invest in a decent camera, because you will want quality images from exploring of one of the most Instagrammable places.

Whether you’re climbing to the top of the Great Wall or taking time to contemplate life at the Temple of Heaven, you will find that having the right gear will make your trip far more enjoyable. Take this checklist with you as you pack for your trip to Beijing.

What to Pack for a Trip to Beijing tips


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