Top 8 Halal Restaurants in Beijing

Top 8 Halal Restaurants in Beijing


Beijing caters pretty well to those that want to eat halal meat. From chain restaurants to indie venues, fast food to fine dining affairs, there’s a decent choice for anyone wanting to eat out.

Here are a few of the best Beijing halal restaurants and the main reasons why you should be giving them a try, including:

  • 1001 Nights Restaurant
  • KaoRou Wan Restaurant
  • Hong Bin Lou Restaurant
  • Dong Lai Shun Restaurant
  • Xi Lai Shun Restaurant
  • Yi Tiao Long Restaurant
  • Wangde Lou Restaurant
  • You Yi Shun Restaurant

8: 1001 Nights Restaurant

Located in Chaoyang district, is probably the first authentic Arab restaurant in China’s capital. The Arab culture is evident in the décor and the ambiance. This wonderful restaurant features an authentic menu that includes everything from freshly-prepared pita bread and hummus to roast whole lamb.

7: KaoRou Wan Restaurant

Wan house is one of the best places in Beijing for those interested in delicious, halal roasted beef. KaoRou Wan’s history dates back to 1686. Ever since, the restaurant has maintained its excellent reputation and authentic recipes. The house of Wan is located Xicheng District, South Inverness Road.

6: Hong Bin Lou Restaurant

This is another Chinese restaurant that has a long and well-established history. Hong Bin Lou was set up in 1853 and ever since, it has had the reputation of an excellent halal restaurant. Several magazines have labeled it the best Beijing halal restaurant and you should definitely try the beef and lamb dishes.

5: Dong Lai Shun Restaurant

The popularity of this restaurant was established back in the 1930s and it’s believed to be one of the most prominent contributors to the development of Jinhua cooking. Today, the restaurant’s biggest delicacy is instant-boiled mutton. Fried mutton fillet in a sweet sauce, as well as boiled mutton also rank among the top halal choices at Dong Lai Shun.

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4: Xi Lai Shun Restaurant

Set up back in the 1930s, Xi Lai Shun gives visitors a chance to try Western Chinese cuisine and traditional dishes. This restaurant is also located in the Xicheng District and it has two dining halls to give visitors space and privacy. Because it’s incredibly popular among tourists, you may want to book your table in advance. The best halal dishes to try include roast young sheep and grilled whole lamb.

3: Yi Tiao Long Restaurant

Yi Tiao Long was established during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in 1785. Located in a three-story building in Chongwen District, the restaurant ranks among the favorite spots for tourists from all parts of the world. Each of the floors has a theme. On the first one, you can try instant-boiled mutton. The second floor is the place where chefs prepare stir-fries. A banquet hall is located in the third floor.

2: Wangde Lou Restaurant

Xicheng District is definitely the place to head to if you’re interested in gourmet halal food. Wangde Lou Restaurant is a two-floor place where you can try quick snacks (on the first floor) and more intricate meals (on the second floor). The restaurant offers authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine like braised mutton, boiled beef tongue and preserved apricot beef.

1: You Yi Shun Restaurant

The restaurant is known for the beautiful fusion between eastern and western culinary traditions. Today, it’s one of the best places to visit if you want to try authentic halal Muslim cuisine. Islamic ornaments and details will greet you right from the door. The restaurant is spacious and peaceful, capable of seating up to 300 individuals. Some of the best dishes to try include fried sheep fillet, roasted mutton leg and spicy lamb.

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 Map of Top 8 Halal Restaurants in Beijing

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