These Are the Most Instagrammed Neighbourhoods in Beijing

Looking to Make Your Instagram Followers Seriously Jealous? Check out These Most Instagrammed Neighbourhoods in Beijing

Shichahai/Drum Tower & Bell Tower Neighborhoods

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Travel may broaden your cultural horizons, but let’s be honest: that’s not your only goal. In a social media age, Instagram plays a greater role in your itinerary than you’re probably willing to admit.

Whether you’re inspired by other travelers’ pictures or eager to make followers jealous with your own photographic gems, Instagram will probably factor into your Beijing trip at some point. Snap share-worthy photos at these impressive neighborhoods.

1. Shichahai/Drum Tower & Bell Tower Neighborhoods

Conveniently located on Beijing’s central axis line, Drum Tower and Bell Tower allow you to step back into a different time period. This instant time capsule will take you back hundreds of years. Climb the inner staircase and take in a view of the nearby hutongs.

Drum Tower and Bell Tower may be the most photographed sites in the Shichahai neighborhood, but they’re only the beginning. Snap photos of all three of the neighborhood’s artificial lakes, where you’ll find tall trees and a variety of historic temples and mansions.

Shichahai Neighborhoods

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2. Xidan/Xisi Neighborhoods

A bustling commercial area with countless shopping malls, department stores, restaurants,  Xidan provides a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures — perfect for capturing in a flawless photo.

At Xisi (the ‘Western Four’), you’ll find winding alleys, old public buildings, temples and quirky cafes. The gates for which the neighborhood is named have sadly been removed in 1950, but there are plenty of other awe-inspiring sites to take in. There is always something going on in the area and there’s always something worth snapping a picture of!

Xidan/Xisi Neighborhoods

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3. Qianmen Neighborhoods

Like many Beijing boroughs, Qianmen has recently undergone redevelopment. Thankfully, the refreshed neighborhood captures the same spirit while delivering a fresh feel. Take some time to gaze at the gate, which once guarded the entrance to the Inner City. Visit in the evening for a particularly stunning view — or to take advantage of the best people-watching opportunities in Beijing.

This neighborhood has the easiest access to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven.

Qianmen Neighborhoods

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4. Sanlitun Neighborhoods

A top destination for shopping, dining, and nightlife, Sanlitun offers a feast for all of the senses. The ‘3.3 Mansion’ serves as the neighborhood’s borderline. Keep an eye out for local and international celebrities at the busy Sanlitun Bar Street. Check out the embassies for a taste of the exotic in the heart of Beijing. During autumn, colorful ginko trees add further splendor to this already visually impressive neighborhood, providing the perfect photo opportunity.

Sanlitun Neighborhoods

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5. CBD Neighborhoods

Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) is one of the world’s most important financial centers. New constructions have generated considerable interest from Fortune 500 companies. You’ll never tired of viewing the district’s modern skyscrapers, including Fortune Plaza, Jing Guang Centre, and the China World Trade Center. Don’t forget to visit the CCTV Tower, where you can take in an awe-inspiring view of the city from a new perspective.

CBD Neighborhoods

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6. Lama Temple/Yonghegong Neighborhoods

Old and new clash near the Lama Temple to bring a unique vibe to one of Beijing’s most important neighborhoods. The housing here is an equal mix of hutong and apartment living. Walking down the streets, the scent of incense fills pedestrians’ nostrils, and the sounds of bells and Tibetan music fill the streets.

At the temple itself, you’ll observe an intriguing blend of Han and Tibetan styles. Set aside some time to explore the Confucius Temple, located just steps from the lamasery.

Lama Temple Neighborhoods

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From historic structures dating back several centuries to modern skyscrapers constructed in the last few years, you’ll find a wide range of visual marvels throughout Beijing. Filters are certainly not necessary, but remember: no Instagram picture can capture the full experience of viewing these sites in person.

Map of the Most Instagrammed Neighbourhoods in Beijing

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