Jinshanling Great Wall reopening after 6 months’ construction



We are delighted to announce that after 6 months’ construction of roads and service facilities, the time has come. Jinshanling Great Wall has officially reopened its doors once again on the Oct 27th, 2017,  to welcome its appreciative visitors.

What can you look forward to? Since closing its doors on June 1 2017, Jinshanling Great Wall has been undergoing a magnificent transformation. New facilities includes improved access throughout the valley to the Wall, newly bulit ticket office (Jinshanling tourist center), shopping street. Virtual Reality (VR) experience center has been introduced into Jinshalning, creating strong visual impacts and artistic effects to visitors.  VR experience center will bring history to life and enable visitors of all ages to get hands on with Jinshanling Great Wall’s history, culture. Besides the original courtyard style Jinshan hotel, YueYuan hotel on the opposite side of Jinshanling tourist center is still under construction.


Virtual Reality (VR) experience center near Jinshanling parking lot



The newly built Jinshanling Great Wall tourist center (ticket office)



Inside tourist center, to the left is the ticket counter



Ticket counter



Free brochures



Shuttle bus station outside tourist center



YueYuan Hotel still under construction


The Wall



Built between 1567 and 1582,, Jinshanling is about 125 kilometers northeast of Beijing and connects with the Simatai section to the east. It is 10.5 kilometers long and has five passes, 67 towers, and three beacon towers.

The original Jinshanling to Jinshanling East hike will take you to the famous Small and Big Jinshan Towers, the Houchuankou Pass, the Eastern Five-window Tower, and the Kylin Screen Wall.

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