How to get to Badaling Great Wall?



How far is Badaling Great Wall from Beijing?

Badaling Great Wall is around 45km away from Beijing. If you are staying at Wangfujing area, the distance between Badaling Great Wall and Wangfujing is around 71km, 1.5 hours by road.


Badaling Great Wall can be done via a tour, or hiring a vehicle. If you are adventurous, technically, you can do it by public transport. In practice, how you actually do it probably depends on your budget and how much time you have in Beijing etc.

Hiring a car to Badaling Great Wall

Hiring a private car are a great, hassle-free and convenient way to get to Badaling Great Wall if your budget is not tight and want to avoid the crowds and traffic. If you are travelling with 3 or 4 people, this way is really good value for your money without having to rely on public transport.

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Getting to Badaling Great Wall by bus

The Beijing bus network has seen many improvements in recent years with new buses, more frequent services and improved accessibility. If you would like to spend a day on Great Wall Badaling, bus 919/880/877 are the cheapest way to get to Badaling but it takes at least 1 hours to get there from Deshengmen by using the local bus service.



Where is 877/880/919 bus station in Beijing?

The 877/880/919 bus station is at the parking lot behind the Deshengmen Arrow Tower – an ancient building with lots of square hole on the wall.

Important notes: To the west side of the Arrow Tower, some illegal bus owners even claim that their buses are No. 919, 880 or 877 by putting a FAKE sign on front windows.

These bus owners may convince you to get on their bus. Please ignore them without any hesitation as these illegal buses will certainly charge more, may take you to some shopping places than the official buses.


How to get to 877/880/919 bus station at Deshengmen?

The nearest subway station to Deshengmen is Jishuitan station of subway line 2. Take line 2 and leave the subway station from Exit A. Walk for around 10 minutes you will easily see the Arrow Tower at  Deshengmen just in front of you.


Cross the street and go behind the Arrow Tower. You will see 877/880/919 bus stops just below the Arrow Tower, which is just a short walk from Deshengmen subway station. Bus 877 is clearly signposted around the Arrow Tower.

919 bus sign at Arrow Tower
880 bus sign at Arrow Tower

Which bus should I take to get to Badaling Great Wall?

Bus 877: This non-stop bus service picks up from Deshengmen and drop you off at Front Hill  of Badaling Great Wall. Bus 877 is a quicker, convenient and cheap way to travel to Badaling as it’s the only direct connection between Deshengmen and Badaling Great Wall.

From Deshengmen: 06:00-12:00(Apr.1-Oct.31) | 06:00-12:30(Nov.1-Mar.31)

From Badaling: 12:00-16:30(Apr.1-Oct.31) | 12:00-17:30(Nov.1-Mar.31)

Journey time: 1 -1.5 hours. Journey time variation depends on route and traffic.

Costs: Standard ticket prices are 12RMB/person by cash or 4.8RMB/person by using transportation smart card.

Notes: Direct Service, Half Hourly/Hourly Service. Bus 877 drops you off near the pulley station and Black Bear Zoo at the front hill of Badaling. The closest ticket office is just inside the parking lot of bus 877.

You will take about 10 minutes walk to the entrance then you start to walk on the Wall from North Tower 11. At bus station, direct bus 879 which runs between Badaling and Ming Tombs (Chang Tomb) is available if you have extra time to explore the Ming Tombs after visiting Badaling Great Wall.

Bus 877 at Arrow Tower


877 bus station at front hill of Badaling


Bus 880/919: The bus services pick up from Arrow Tower of Deshengmen and drops you off at Great Wall Palace (a grey building, which is about 2 kilometers away from real hill )At Great Wall Palace, free shuttle service is available which will drop you off near the parking lot in front of real hill.



Bus station in front of Great Wall Palace
Free shuttle bus service at 880 /919 bus station
Free shuttle bus service between 7:00 and 18:00


Operating hours: 06:00-19:00  Journey time variation depends on route and any interchange waiting time.

Costs: Standard ticket prices are 12RMB/person by cash or 4.8RMB/person by using by transportation smart card.

Note: Not direct Service, Half Hourly/Hourly Service. Bus 877 drops you off at Great Wall Palace, then you have to change free shuttle bus to real hill. If you want to get back late taking bus 880 or 919 rather than bus 877 as their last buses go back to Beijing city much more late. At 919/880 bus station, bus 879 which runs between Badaling and Ming Tombs (Chang Tomb) is available if you want to combine your Badaling trip with visiting the Ming Tombs.

bus 879 runs between Badaling and Ming Tombs

Hiring Private Car with driver to Badaling Great Wall

Rent a car with driver to Great Wall, entrance fees for Badaling, food make up your tour would be paid on your own at cost price and in addition to your daily fee to add the freedom, flexibility of your tour. If you are travelling with 3, 4 or more people, this way is much more cost-efficient.

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Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental Rates (RMB)

Options Airport-pickup/ drop off Mutianyu+Ming Tombs  Longqing Gorge Badaling OR Huanghuacheng Mutianyu Great Wall  Mutianyu+Summer Palace Simatai OR Jinshanling 
4 seats Hyundai
250 790 890 750 690 790 990
6 seats Refine/Buick 350 890 1090 890 850 890 1290
14 seats Ford Transit
550 1490 1490 1390 1390 1490 1790
18 seats Joylong 750 1890 1790 1690 1690 1890 2090

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