How to Keep Kids From Getting Mosquito Bites While Hiking the Great Wall

Surviving Mosquitoes on Trail

Keep Kids From Getting Mosquito Bites While Hiking the Great Wall


Mosquitoes are familiar foes for Great Wall of China enthusiasts of all types. Whether your adventures involve hiking, camping the Great Wall,  you’ve surely spent a night or two swatting at these buzzing pests and coating yourself with itch-relieving creams. To protect your younger travelers to Beijing to the Great Wall for hiking and camping, follow these six steps.

1: Wear Long Sleeves and Long Pants

  • You want to start your child off with the right wardrobe to protect against mosquito bites. Wear a base layer of long sleeves and long thin pants or leggings.
  • Look for naturally repellent materials. Lightweight merino wool is a perfect material for a long sleeve based layer for your children.
  • As a bonus, this wool also repels against odor and wicks away moisture to help keep your child’s body temperature more steady even in wet or hot conditions.

2. Lightweight Outer Layers Only

Over the base layer, add a loose lightweight outer layer. This might be a button-down flannel shirt, fleece coat, hoodie sweatshirt, or windbreaker jacket. This provides an extra layer against pesky mosquitos that are determined to have dinner.

3. Use Bandanas Protect the Neck

A bandana is a multifunctional item that every parent needs for their child. In this case, you can use a bandana as a neckerchief around the back of the neck.

Kids From Getting Mosquito Bites While Hiking the Great Wall


4. Opt for Light-colored Clothing

Choose lighter colored clothing. By the way, this does not mean the same thing as brightly colored clothing, such as bright orange or bright blue. Light colors, such as white or yellow, are less attractive to mosquitos.

A mosquito is able to detect a darker colored item more easily because these colors trap more carbon dioxide from the body compared to lighter colored clothing. This gas is released, which attracts the mosquitos more easily.

5. Treat your Clothing with Permethrin

After choosing the right clothes to wear, Consumer Reports recommends treating these clothes with a chemical called permethrin. According to several sources including the CDC, permethrin-treated clothing is safe for outerwear and gear. This excludes anything that touches your child’s skin directly, such as their socks or base layers.

6. Avoid Mosquito-Friendly Locations

Before visiting the Great Wall of China in Beijing, understand where the mosquito-friendly places will be. For example, if you see standing water, then there are likely mosquito larvae living here. This might be from deep puddles after a heavy rainstorm or containers of water sitting around.

Mosquitos are also more common in tall grasses, brush, and weeds. This includes near the edges of forests, especially where streams and rivers are present.

Young boy spraying insect repellent against mosquitos bites on his arm in the garden


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