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Hiking poles are available on Great Wall

You may don’t really want to lug your own hiking poles to China as you probably travel in China in a few weeks after hiking Wild Great Wall. Hiking poles are available locally in Jinshanling, Simati and Mutianyu Great Wall. They will most likely be available at Jinshanling shops near the park lot and the small markets at Mutianyu and Simatai. Also you can buy some in silk market, pearl market in Beijing.


Is it necessary to bring hiking poles? 

Even though hiking poles are available on Great Wall, you may wonder that is it necessary to bring hiking poles? The benefit is that hiking poles transfer some load from your legs to your arms. Many enjoy using a stick even though they are in great physical condition. Some like one and some prefer two. Others wouldn’t take it. If you ask me would hiking poles be an advantage or would they be unnecessary or a hindrance while hiking Wild Great Wall? I would say it depends on whether you’re comfortable using them and your physical condition. Simply put, it’s a personal preference.

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