Great Wall of China–Xiangshui lake Great Wall

If you are looking for a remote part of the Great Wall where NOBODY goes try this area! It is not far from Mutianyu section of the Wall.

Located in the west side in Huairou County, Beijing, Xiangshuihu Great Wall is about 85 km from downtown Beijing. Because of the primordial appearance, it attracts a lot of foreign hikers. Xiangshuihu Lake Scenic Area is a scenic area which combines Great Wall, ancient cave, streams, living ponds, waterfalls etc.

Xiangshuihu got its name because at the source of the spring, the water gush constantly and the water sounds like thunder. You can hear the sound of running water thousand meters away. As the largest spring in Huairou Couty, Beijing, Xiangshuihu Lake is not only the source of drinking water for local people, but also the source of the Huairou reservoir.


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