China Travelling Tips for the Disabled

Accessible Traveling Tips for China

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If you have special access needs when traveling, you already know that you need to plan ahead of time. However, when visiting China, the preparations are different from if you were visiting, say, the local mall. Start here with this handy guide of what you need to do when traveling to Beijing to hike the Great Wall if you have travel barriers.

Plan Well in Advance

Half of the excitement of traveling comes from the planning stage. When you are in need of accessible accommodations and travel options, start as soon as possible. This way you have ample time to find the right services for your specific needs.

Book Hotels That Are Disabled Friendly

Your first goal will be to score accessible accommodations. In order to do this, search for hotels that are wheelchair-friendly with good location. You can also find hotels that offer services to aid with limited mobility, such as no stairways. Hotels that are accessible will advertise this information, but you should also ask to verify the types of access or features available.

Know Your Rights in the Airport

When you arrive at the airport, know well in advance of what to expect in terms of accessibility. If you are utilizing a wheelchair, find out what your airline requires in terms of checking in your equipment. For example, the difference manual wheelchairs and battery-powered wheelchairs can determine how you are to board the airplane.



Bring Power Adapters and Voltage Converters

If you have a battery-powered wheelchair, you will need to bring a plug adapter and voltage converter. In China, you need to have an adapter for 220V standard voltage and 50HZ standard frequency.

Bring Extra Medication and Prescriptions

The last thing you want to do when traveling is to run out of medication or to lose your prescription. Have extra prescriptions and medication with you just in case.

Know the Terrain

When you are traveling to the Great Wall of China, know the terrain and be ready to tackle it head-on. The Great Wall features a couple of sections, Badaling and Mutianyu, that are wheelchair-friendly expanses of the wall. Here you have areas that have been specially designed for wheelchairs.



Take a Doctor’s Note

Be prepared with a doctor’s note to show why you have to take medication or use certain equipment for accessibility. This will save you the trouble of having to explain your situation, and it also lends an authoritative air for your circumstance. Include contact information for your doctor on the note. This way any powers that be can easily contact the physician for clarification.

Book Direct Flights

The last thing you want to do is rush from one plane to the next in a layover situation. Save yourself the hassle of having to get across a foreign terminal fast. Stick with direct flights to avoid the trouble of changing flights mid-trip.

Attractions with Wheelchair Access in Beijing

The following attractions are equipped with wheelchair access lifts and routes

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