YuYuanTan Park-The Best Place To See Cherry Blossoms In Beijing

YuYuanTan Park-The Best Place To See Cherry Blossoms In Beijing


Within the City of Beijing, spring months are filled with cherry blossoms and seasonal treats. However, there is one place within the city that offers the most beautiful views of cherry blossoms, unobstructed by the modern world outside the park. This is YuYuanTan Park, centered around the YuYuanTan or Deep Jade Lake. The biggest Sakura or cherry blossom viewing festivals in Beijing are held in this former imperial park, and the entire grounds are coated in blossoms from the beginning to the end of spring.



Where to Spot Cherry Blossoms in the Park

One of the most popular places to see the blossoms within the park is on the mirror bridge. This bridge, like many other in China, was made so that the reflection on the water looks like a perfect mirror, suggesting a world below the bridge.

During cherry blossom season, the water below the bridge is thick with petals, obscuring the view, but also blanketing the reflections of people on the bridge in a dreamy cloud of petals. This makes it a popular place for photos and to reflect upon the transient nature of the blossoms themselves.

If viewing from the bridge isn’t what you want to do, you can also pay to take a ride across the river on a small boat. During the blossom season, this ride is fragrant, peaceful, and often leaves you surrounded in falling blossoms. This is one of the best ways to see the slight pink tinge that is on all of the petals as the water and open air separate the blossoms from the rest of the world.

YuYuanTan Park-The Best Place To See Cherry Blossoms In Beijing tips


Stroll Around the Park

Families often come to the park, which has an entry fee of 10 RMB, to enjoy the flowers, but also to enjoy the games and vendors. Much like a traditional carnival, food, drink, small gifts, and skill games are available throughout the park.

A typical expedition is the park will take between two to three hours and take you past a number of different vendors. However, many people bring in packed lunches and simply stroll around the park enjoying the flowers as well.

Low hanging willow trees shade seating areas around the lake from the worst of all weather, making it enjoyable to watch the cherry trees even in times of inclement weather. In addition, the park is very rarely closed, with access being guaranteed during most daylight hours.

The park is often empty enough for those who need to sit on a regular basis to enjoy themselves as well. Every few meters there are heavy stone benches available.

YuYuanTan Park-The Best Place To See Cherry Blossoms In Beijing travel guide


Most Convenient Place to Enjoy Blossoms

The park is always kept clean and is a quiet oasis in Beijing. It does take a small while to arrive at the park from the center of the city, but by taxi the ride should be no more than twenty minutes from most hotels. The areas outside of the park are filled with taxis looking to take people back to their hotels as well, making it an easy to access area of Beijing.

In terms of access, ease of use, fun for the whole family, and the sheer number of cherry blossom trees, no other park can beat YuYuanTan Park for cherry blossom viewing. The exceptional beauty of the park and calm atmosphere that it provides also make it the most beautiful place to view the blossoms in Beijing.

Address: Xisanhuan Lu (across from CCTV Tower). East entrance on Sanlihe Lu (just south of Diaoyutai); south entrance (with parking lot) behind China Millennium Monument. How to get there:take Subway Line 1 and get off at Military Museum Station,then enter through the south gate.

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7 Places To See The Spring Blossoms In Beijing

7 Places To See The Spring Blossoms In Beijing


Beijing might be a vast metropolis but it has plenty of green pockets where you can view the beautiful spring blossoms, especially those of the cherry, plum, and peach trees. From botanical gardens to Dajue temple, there are plenty of places to choose from depending on where you live and whether or not you’re happy to pay entrance fees.

Where to See Spring Blossoms in Beijing

Some of our favorite places to see flowers in general are dotted throughout Beijing , including:

  • Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park
  • Yuyuantan Park
  • Tanzhe Temple
  • The Beijing Botanical Gardens
  • The Summer Palace
  • Zhongshan Park
  • Dajue Temple

1. Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park

Filled with thousands of crab apple trees, this park is home to the biggest national crab apple festival as well. Open 24 hours a day and with free admission, watching the blossoms in this park under the moonlight is an experience that you will not soon forget.

Address: Xibahe, Northeast Thirt Ring, Chaoyang District. How to get there: take Subway line 10 to Xitucheng, leave from Exit C then you can enter the park through the West Gate.

Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park


2. Yuyuantan Park

With cherry blossom trees planted around the perimeter of the park and the lake within, Yuyuantan Park has long been the favorite place of locals and tourists alike to view cherry blossoms. Rides on the lake, carnival style games and food, and easy access makes this one of the best places for blossom viewing overall.

Address: Xisanhuan Lu (across from CCTV Tower). East entrance on Sanlihe Lu (just south of Diaoyutai); south entrance (with parking lot) behind China Millennium Monument. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 and get off at Military Museum Station,then enter through the south gate.

Yuyuantan Park tip


3. Tanzhe Temple

300 year old magnolia trees explode with blossoms around this temple each spring. New trees are always being added, creating a white canopy that blocks out unfavorable skies. The light scent of magnolias made them popular in ancient China, while their pristine beauty has carried their popularity forward to the present day.

Address: Tanzhe Shan Mentougou District. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan Station, then take Bus 931 at the bus station and get off at Tanzhe Si.

The Beijing Botanical Gardens


4. The Beijing Botanical Gardens

Filled with over 40 different types of peach trees, this garden also offers cherry blossoms and many other types as well. The air here is very fragrant throughout the year, but during the spring it is sweet and almost overwhelming. Walking along waterfalls brings you to whole orchards full of lively blossoms.

Address: Wofosi Road,Xiangshan, Haidian District. How to get there: take line 10 to Bagou Station. Then take Western Suburban Line and get off at Zhiwuyuan Station.

The Beijing Botanical Gardens travel tips


5. The Summer Palace

Known for beautiful architecture and being a pleasant place to spend any outing, the Summer Palace is also filled with cherry blossom trees and even has a number of plum trees as well. The trees line the paths surrounding the palace as well, including small alleys and side streets.

Address: 19 Xin-jian-gong-men Rd, Haidian District. How to get there: take line 4 to Beigongmen, and exit from D. Then walk west for 3 minutes to North Palace Gate.

Summer Palace spring flowers


6. Zhongshan Park

Wandering along this park–not too far from Tiananmen Square, you will see colorful tulips blossoms blanket everything in sight. A leisurely stroll affords a calming and enjoyable experience to all who visit the park.

Address: No.4 Zhonghua Road, Dongcheng District. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 then get off at the Tiananmen West Station. Walk east for 5 minutes you will reach the south of the park.

zhongshan park Beijing


7. Dajue Temple

Lush magnolia blossoms frame this temple during the spring months. The beautiful blossoms beckon visitors into the 500 year old temple, while the courtyard affords one of a kind photography opportunities to visitors.

Address: Beianhe Village, Haidian District. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan Station. Get out from Exit D. Then take Bus 890 and get off at Dajuesi Station.

As you can see, there are many places across the city that allow for interested people to view the beauty of nature in this thoroughly modern city. Most of these are secludes parks, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but others are hidden and tucked away within busy districts.

Bring your camera to get some beautiful photographs while everything is in bloom, or just a picnic to relax in the sunshine. No matter which of these options you choose, spring blossoms in Beijing are bound to be an experience you do not soon forget.

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10 Fun Things To Do In Beijing With Children

chaoyang theater acrobats


If you’re visiting Beijing with kids in tow, don’t miss our 10 family-friendly activities for children. Whether you are looking for child-friendly restaurants, free attractions for kids, places to go with kids or ideas for your day out in Beijing, family days out in Beijing are easy to plan with our top tips. Maximize the fun factor during your family’s Beijing holiday with these 10 things to do in Beijing with kids.

1: Visit Mutianyu Great Wall

You can’t visit Beijing without seeing The Great Wall!–One of the most impressive feats of human construction and engineering in the world. To make things more interesting, Mutianyu Great Wall features a fast toboggan / slide run to the bottom. The toboggan is fun, safe and not scary at all, although you may be backed up a little. kids love it.

The sheer stunning nature of the Mutianyu Great Wall will capture the attention and imagination of children of all ages and is a must-see sight.

2: See The Zoo Pandas

Beijing’s Zoo is world famous, and considering how popular pandas have always been, it’s definitely worth a stop to see them in their “home country.” The Beijing Zoo is an incredible place to visit that children will love, and the many mischievous pandas are always a favorite. This is a great family friendly stop for visitors.

10 Fun Things To Do In Beijing With Children tips


3: Watch Legend Of Kung Fu Show

While many parents might assume that the Shaolin Kung Fu performance is more for them, the big kids at heart, dads need to remember that most of them fell in love with martial arts movies as kids. You would be surprised how entrancing and enthralling many children will find these demonstrations and performances to be, all the while learning something about an ancient martial art.

10 Fun Things To Do In Beijing With Children


4: Tour The Forbidden City

This favorite destination lives up to the full hype of its name. Featuring incredible beautiful buildings, stunning gardens, and an incredible opulent living history, there are so many breath-taking sights in the Forbidden City that will be able to stay with you a lifetime. The variety and stunning loveliness of it all makes it a great place to visit for all ages.

5: Wander through Wangfujing Snack Street

If you are looking for something to eat on-the-go or taste different flavors, Wangfujing Snack Street is the best way to enjoy that. You can find fried insects on a stick,  the scorpions, tarantulas, snakes, lizards etc, not quite normal bites for most people, they are fun to browse. Kids would love it. The snack street is easily reachable by metro via Wangfujing station, which exits out of Oriental Plaza.

Wangfujing snack street


6: Enjoy Chaoyang Theater Acrobats

Chinese acrobats are world famous and for good reason. This isn’t just artsy theater, either. The action of the performance, the stunning costumes, and the occasionally crazy performances involving dare devils and death defying stunts makes for an unusual and unforgettable experience for all.

7: Explore the Hutongs

Hutongs once dominated the city, but in recent years many traditional hutongs and courtyards have disappeared rapidly with development. Exporing Hutong is probably the best way to get around the authentic, old Beijing with kids. Both Nanluogxinag and  Wudaoying Hutong are a popular choices for families and hipsters.

8: Get Fresh Air At Chaoyang Park

Need some time outdoors? While there are many great parks to choose from Chaoyang Park is not only one of the best but also has special activities planned year round so there is something to do no matter what the season.

9: Stroll around 798 art zone

One of the best areas in Beijing for discovering contemporary art is 798 art zone. Art galleries, art bookshops, cool sculptures and street art can be found everywhere in 798 art zone, and it’s free for everyone to enjoy. 798 Arts District is surely worth visiting during your time in Beijing with kids.

798 art district


10: Try out a Hot Pot Restaurant

Hot Pot is a social way of eating that the Chinese have enjoyed for over a thousand years. It offers one of the ultimate communal dining experiences. Not only are you gathered at one table sharing a meal, but you’re cooking your food together in a pot. You can have all kinds of meats and vegetables, noodles, fish etc. Hot Pot brings you the authentic Chinese style meal, hot pot.

Base your tour around these ten stops and you won’t be disappointed!

Beijing hot pot


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The 7 Best Hot Springs In All Of Beijing

The 7 Best Hot Springs In All Of Beijing tips


Spending a few hours at a hot spring is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Unlike a spa vacation, it usually doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. Here is a list of seven of the best hot springs in Beijing that won’t disappoint.

7. Beijing Meishen Palace Castle Spa

You’ll find that hot springs in Beijing fall in one of two categories. There are those surrounded by fun games, music, and activities in one group. The second group contains more private resorts where clients can enjoy peace and quiet while relaxing in their hot spring. Each of them is great in their own ways. This hot spring falls into the second group.

The Palace Castle Spa is the ideal retreat for a couple who want to escape the world. You’ll enjoy a private pool on your balcony that funnels water from an underground hot spring. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and everything you could want from a private hot spring.

6. Flowery Bay Magnetic Spa

The Flowery Bay is on the opposite end of the spectrum. There are huge water slides, live entertainment, and plenty of activities going on throughout the day. They also offer the only natural magnetic hot spring in Beijing. The magnetic water is said to have potent healing properties and can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and respiratory disease.

5. Hongfu Hot Spring Leisure City

Hongfu combines the best of both worlds. They are a complete 5-star resort hotel located slightly north of Wenyu River. Overall, they provide a relaxing and leisurely environment with private hot spas. However, they also offer a massive water amusement park in one area of the resort. It’s a great place to book a week-long vacation. You can spend half of your time enjoying the water park and the other half relaxing quietly in their mineral waters.

The 7 Best Hot Springs In All Of Beijing guide


4. Huaqing Hot Springs

Huaqing has the advantage of being far friendlier on the wallet than some of the more expensive resorts. They offer a natural hot spring that pulls water from 2,700 meters beneath the surface of the earth. The resort offers a massive pool that is surrounded by beautiful greenery. But you won’t find the world’s longest water slides at Huaqing.

3. Beijing Jinyu Badaling Spa Resort

The Badaling spa resort is massive, stretching more than 200,000 square meters across the surface of Beijing. The impressive Guishui river passes straight through the resort. Their hot spring waters are pulled from 2,000 meters beneath the surface. There are no water parks here, but rather a collection of private and public hot spring pools. Whether you want to relax alone or with company, you can do it here.

2. Jiuhua Spa & Resort

Jiuhua has become one of the most popular hot spring spas in all of Beijing. It is built on the site of the imperial hot spring resort, which also one a very popular resort. Jiuhua is one of the four hot springs in Beijing known to contain very high levels of minerals. It is said that these minerals provide a rejuvenating and healing effects for those who use the hot springs.

The 7 Best Hot Springs In All Of Beijing


1. Tianlongyuan Hot Spring Resort

When it comes to combing relaxing hot springs and fun for the entire family, Tianlongyuan is simply the best. This is a massive leisure resort that can easily entertain 3,000 people at any given time. There’s a 2,000 square meter area for bathing in hot springs, a 10,000 square meter amusement park, and a 1,200 square meter sauna.

Choosing the best hot spring in Beijing is no easy task. If you prefer peace and privacy, then you will love the Palace Castle Spa. If you want to enjoy a massive water amusement park with the family before watching a live performance and finally relaxing in a hot spring sauna, then Tianlongyuan is the obvious choice. Whatever hot spring you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

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The Top 7 Vegetarian Restaurants In Beijing

The Top 7 Vegetarian Restaurants In Beijing tips


Interested in finding a vegetarian restaurant in Beijing? Fret not because they have many great options. Here is a list of the top 7 vegetarian restaurants in all of Beijing.

7. Lin’s Dining Lounge

Lin’s is a great place to go for both lunch and dinner. It’s located comfortably in Maizidian on the second floor of a hotel. It features a large lounge area with uniquely shaped lamps and tables. Overall, it’s a comforting atmosphere with booths that provide a semi-private experience. It’s ideal for dining alone, with a friend, or with a large group.

Much of the cuisine served is actually Japanese, but it is delicious nonetheless. The customers begin pouring in around lunch and the restaurant stays mostly packed until it closes at night. Lin’s has been building a reputation thanks to its western vegetarian dishes, Chinese staples, and creative décor.

Location: 2/F, New Grand Dynasty Hotel, 58 Maizidian Street,Chaoyang District, Daily: 10am-11pm, 50RMB-80RMB per person

6. Elaine’s Vegetarian Restaurant And Bar

Interested in enjoying a crispy duck meal made entirely without meat? Maybe you want to sip some champagne at the bar as you do? If so, then you’ll love Elaine’s Vegetarian Restaurant and Bar. They are known for serving delicious meals with meaty names but are entirely vegetarian. They also have some of the best vegetable curry in the entire city.

Location: 100m north of Luoma Roundabout, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Daily: 10am-11pm, 50RMB-80RMB per person

5. King’s Joy

King’s Joy is a little more expensive than some of the other options on the list, but it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll find high-end vegetarian meals that are prepared beautifully and taste amazing. They even offer a strict Buddhist menu that does not allow any strong flavors, such as onion or garlic. King’s Joy is about more than just providing great food. They want to promote a message of health and well being to all of their customers.

Location: Lama Temple and Guozijian, 2 Wudaoying Hutong, Yonghegong, Dongcheng District, Daily: 10am-11pm, 80RMB-120RMB per person

The Top 7 Vegetarian Restaurants In Beijing


4. The Veggie Table

This little restaurant isn’t only vegetarian, it’s 100 percent vegan. They offer easily the best vegan burger in all of China. Each plate is incredibly delicious, but they use no meats, eggs, or dairy product. It takes a lot of training and experience for chefs to recreate great dishes without those key ingredients, but they manage to do it spectacularly at The Veggie Table.

Location: Lama Temple and Guozijian, 19 Wudaoying Hutong, Yonghegong, Dongcheng District, Daily: 10am-11pm, 50RMB-80RMB per person

3. Tianchu Miao Xiang

You might have a hard time finding a seat at Tianchu because they always seemed to be packed full. There’s probably not a single vegetarian in all of Beijing who hasn’t eaten here at least once. Inside you’ll find students, business owners, and workers on their lunch break. You should give their coconut curry tofu a try if you’re unsure what you want to eat.

Location: Zhongguancun, 1/F, Chuangye Bldg, Qinghua Keji Yuan, Haidian District, Daily: 10am-10pm, 50RMB-80RMB per person

The Top 7 Vegetarian Restaurants In Beijing guide


2. Pure Lotus Vegetarian

The Pure Lotus isn’t only one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Beijing, it’s regarded as one of the best all-around restaurants period. They serve great food and their menu is packed with some unique favorites that you won’t find anywhere else. The staff is extremely friendly as well, which creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Location: Chaoyang Park, Tongguang Bldg, 12 Nongzhanguan Nanlu Chaoyang District, Daily: 11am-11pm, 100RMB-150RMB per person

1. Samadhi Vegetarian Teahouse

Are you looking for the ultimate in vegetarian fine dining? Then it doesn’t get any better than Samadhi. You can enjoy favorites like matsutake soup, gold soup, and towel gourd. Their prices are surprisingly fair considering the quality of food, presentation, and service you’ll be receiving. Easily the best vegetarian restaurant in Beijing and an absolute must visit if you are in the area.

Location: 2/F Shifanghaoting, 16 Xinyuan Nanlu Chaoyang District, Daily: 10am-10pm, 50RMB-80RMB per person

If you have the time, you should visit each of these restaurants and sample their great flavors. Whether you prefer the elegance of Samadhi, the atmosphere of the Pure Lotus, or the unique dishes found at Lin’s. Each restaurant has something special to offer to its customers.

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