What You Need to Know Before Walking the Great Wall of China

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Centuries after its creation, the Great Wall of China has remained one of the greatest wonders of human architecture and engineering, while still carrying the rich history of the Orient long before globalization. As the great poet Chairman Mao once said, “Until you reach the Great Wall, you’re no hero”; and anyone who has walked a mile on the wall will it not be surprised why.

Snaking its way over mountains, down valleys and across plains, the Great Wall of China stretches from the Yellow Sea to the edge of the Gobi Desert and offered China’s northern frontier protection from the fierce Barbarian warriors for years. Given the significance of this wall to human history, everyone should ensure they get a chance of walking the Great Wall of China, even for a few miles. Here are a few tidbits that are sure to catch your eye and captivate your soul.The World’s Longest Defense Fortification.

The Great Wall of China qualifies as a pioneer of military defense and expertise. Although it did not completely prevent the invading armies from entering China, it served other important military functions, especially communication. While walking the Great Wall of China, you will notice numerous watchtowers strategically placed along its length. These were not only used to identify enemy armies from a distance but also for communication among the Chinese soldiers through smoke signals, lanterns, and beacon fires. Sections of the wall built during the Ming Dynasty remain to this day and are the most visited.A Library of Ancient Culture.

Apart from its military functions, the Great Wall of China also holds Chinese culture within its resilient bricks. For instance, the wall itself clearly sends the message that the Chinese will go to great extents to protect what is theirs. More specifically, the original wall is said to have been built by a whopping 1 million laborers over a ten-year period, many of whom died during the construction and were buried within the wall. The wall is also a symbol of unification and attraction as much as it represents separation of the Chinese from the rest of world.

Additionally, the wall tells stories of love and affection such as the Xifengkou Legend of a Happy Meeting between father and son, and the Weeping of Meng Jiang Nu over her husband. Walking the Great Wall of China not only gives you the opportunity to share the military heroism of the ancient Chinese, but also their unconditional love and loyalty.Where to Visit.

Contrary to common belief, the Great Wall of China is not a single continuous wall but a complex of smaller sections of walls built during different times. Each of these sections has its unique features, which may appeal to you on a personal level. However, some of the most popular sections of the Great Wall include Mutianyu, the most magnificent and fully-restored section of the wall, Jinshanling which is the most common hiking route with much of the original architecture still intact, and Jiankou, the section that you see in many pictures and postcards, steep and breathtaking. Great people, including Barack Obama and David Cameron, have visited the wall. You should too, and experience the unique feeling that comes from walking the Great Wall of China.

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Great Wall of China Tour: a lifetime experience

Great Wall of China Tour


I know you know that historical sites are some of the best places that you can ever visit. There are hundreds if historical sites all over the world that you can visit. In light of this, there is no historical site anywhere around the world that can match up to the experience you will have if you visit the Great Wall of China. Taking the Great Wall of China tour is one of the events in your life that you would like to repeat more often.

Discover history

The Great Wall of China was built in the from the 7th Century on wards. It was a significant borderline to the kingdoms that existed in this land then. The wall runs from east to west of China. The Ming dynasty, one of the greatest dynasties of China, is responsible for building the wall. The wall was purposely build to offer protection to Chinese empires from regular invasions by the Eurasian Steppe.

Learn about the ancient art of war

The Great Wall of China tour will give you a very exciting opportunity to learn and discover more about the ancient art of war. This wall has witnessed a lot in history. I can assure you it has witnessed some of the greatest battles on earth; it has seen empires rise and fall. This walls have more than a story to tell. They have a experience to share. An experience that will take your understanding of history to another whole new level.

Why you should take this tour

The Chinese have one if the richest cultures in the world. They are also some of the remaining cultures that still has a strong emphasis on their tradition in this new age. Taking a Great Wall of China Tour will not only give you a chance to see one of the greatest historical pieces in the world. It will also give you a chance to learn about the people of China and their culture throughout ages.

You will get a chance to sample the great Chinese cuisines. The Chinese are known to have some of the best and most effective herbal medicines on the planet. Some even argue that Chinese traditional medicine is more effective than modern medicine in treating most of the ailments. This tour will give you a chance to interact with some of this herbal medication.

The Great Wall of China was built for protection. The Chinese have their own self protection martial arts techniques. The art of Chinese martial arts is well respected worldwide and has made big names like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan some of the world famous. In these walls you will learn about and experience the Chinese martial arts firsthand.

The tour

A trip to China is pretty affordable. Depending on your tour facilitator, you can find an affordable travel package that favor you and your financial strength. This is one of the lifetime experiences you can’t afford to miss out on.

Its time to pack your travel bag and take a Great Wall of China tour.

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Why You Need To Visit The Great Wall Of China Before You Die

One of the most expansive and famous wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is a masterpiece and an engineering marvel at every inch of its construction. This structure has more than just beauty to it – it’s a lasting testament to what man was capable of doing even 2000 years ago. Read on to find out what makes this place so special and more importantly why you should visit it without fail.

Why should I visit Great Wall of China?

Unlike the other wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is going to challenge the very core of your spirit. It doesn’t matter if your an Olympic athlete or a pro wrestler – climbing the stairs and slopes are no easy feat for anyone. Thus, this very nature of an overall challenging experience makes it a great visit for adventure enthusiasts and others.

For historians and archeologists, the monument holds significant value in terms of history and cultural impact. It’s hard to explore the place and yet ignore what went into building it and the array of different kings and dynasties that contributed in the making of it. A local guide should be able to help you out with that.

Photographers, art directors and other creative artists will also enjoy the experience whole-heartedly as scenic views from all angles are pretty much great – no disappointments.

In addition to this, travelling in China is relatively easy and inexpensive. You would encount
er absolutely no hassles in making your way around even when you’re on a budget.

All one needs to do is land in Beijing and take a taxi straight to the monument. What’s more – the Great Wall isn’t the only wall around. There are more walls all around that have their own history and significance all around the city.

An experience of a life time

The totality of the visit will just be amazing. From the wonderful people around to the exotic dishes, China and the great wall provide a truly out of the world experience.

Recent boom in Chinese traditional markets have also resulted in several industries that produce rare, historic products like calligraphy arts – which can he bought from places near to the monument.

Lastly, the amount of diversity that can be found here is just mind blowing. No experience in a particular place is just like the other. The calm, scenic views exquisitely complement the spicy food of the land while the busy, bustling city life is overshadowed by the hospitality of the general public.

Like all such high profile vacations, the Great Wall of China does indeed fill you up with loads of memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


The Great Wall of China has something for everyone. There’s no denying that the ancient Chinese architects and engineers did a fantastic and an unfathomable job in creating this masterpiece that stands the test of time and loudly echoes the capabilities of the human civilization. This is a must add to your bucket list – one must visit Great Wall of China at all costs!

visit the Great Wall of China

Mutianyu Great Wall status updates: Tower 20 is closed on April 4, 2016

Mutianyu Great Wall status update: As tower 20 of Mutianyu is blocked by Mutianyu Great Wall office on the April 4th, 2014. The trail from Jiankou to Mutianyu is blocked. You may not be able to walk from Jiankou to Mutianyu. You may have to walk other parts of the Wall instead. Jinshanling to Simtai West self-guided tour is a good alternative for Jiankou to Mutianyu self-guided tour.























Beijing and The Great Wall By Laura Wilson

A trip to China usually means having to obtain a visa by visiting the Chinese embassy in your home country. We couldn’t do this so a trip to China almost did not happen. Then I read about a 72-hour visa free transit that an increasing number of cities in China are allowing. Passport holders from 51 countries do not need a visa for cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, as long as they are flying in from a different country that they fly out of and do not stay more that 72 hours. We flew into Beijing from Hong Kong and flew out to Kuala Lumpur. All we had to do was show our onward ticket and a visa free visit was granted. Immigration was a little scary and it felt so surreal to be in China once we were there.

I have always wanted to see the Great Wall of China, for as long as I can remember. We arrived in Beijing at around 6pm. We had two nights accommodation in the city and our flight left in the early hours of the day after our second night. This gave us two whole days in Beijing, which was enough to see what we wanted to see.

We stayed at the Dragon King Hostel which we booked via booking. We got a cosy double room, with an en suite and it was very easy to locate via the subway from the Airport. They had a lovely little bar that served nice cheap meals, cheap beer and a good breakfast.

Pizza, Coffee and Beer. What more

could you need?

On our first evening in Beijing we visited Tiananmen Square. The cold weather shocked us so we headed towards the shopping are in search of some gloves. We had a lovely meal back at the hostel and got and early night in preparation for our big trip the next day.

Welcome to Beijing.

As usual, I carried out a lot of research on trips to the Great Wall of China from Beijing. We didn’t fancy a typical coach trip where you rock up, take photos and head back, so we started looking for Hiking trips. I found a website called Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours. They pretty much do any kind of trip to the wall that you could want so I made an enquiry. I got chatting to a lovely man called Ricky and he organised a day trip, which included a hike along a section of the wall. January is a quiet time to be visiting the wall, as it is very cold, so we ended up getting a private trip (at no extra cost). For a driver, an English speaking guide, hostel pick up, local lunch and a hike a long the wall we paid just under 200 pounds for the two of us.

After a breakfast (which was very close to being good) we were picked up by our driver and tour guide; David. It was a two hour drive to Xizhazi, where we would start our walk. I’m not really sure how I expected to get up to the wall, but I definitely was not expecting it to be such a challenge. We had to climb up a steep and snowy 243 metres, from the village to Zhengbeilou; a ruined tower on the Jiankou section of the wall.

Heading up towards the Great Wall.
Glimpses of the Wall on the way up.

I am terrible when it comes to steep hiking. My legs freeze and I have to concentrate on every step. because I think I’m going to fall and die. Luckily Henry (our guide) was pretty tough, and probably used to tourists like me, and ended up dragging me up the steep slope to the tower. The views when we reached the top were insane. I could not quite believe where we were. You really have to stand on the wall to realize just how insanely long it is. It goes on for what seem like forever, no hill too sharp or too high for it to climb. My first few minutes stood on The Great Wall of China, a part of the wall that hasn’t been restored and most tourists do not get taken to, was a moment I knew I would not be forgetting in a hurry.

Zhengbeilou Tower.
The view from the Wall.
The Wall winds up and down the hills.

We walked along the icy wall; overgrown with trees and part of it collapsed. We had to hold on to the sides, cling on the the trees and slide down steep parts on our bottoms. I started to relax even thought the hike was still fairly challenging. Henry, our guide, talked to us about the various purposes of the wall over time and how it was built. He made sure we were safe (and kept reminding me to to not walk on ice and take photos at the same time).

Trying not to fall off the world’s most famous Wall.
You can see the Great Wall for miles and miles.

We soon reached Mutianyu, where we could have a break and appreciate what we had just done. We bought a little pin badge from a sweet lady who had a stall and tied a red ribbon round tree for luck. We sat down for a rest and looked around us in awe. As we were in the depths of Winter, there were few people around and it was very peaceful. We walked back down a steep track to where our driver was waiting for us and pretty much collapsed into the car. It was all over a bit too soon for me, I could have stayed up on the wall for much longer.

Tying a traditional red ribbon on a tree at Mutianyu.

After a traditional Chinese lunch, we were driven back to our hostel where we celebrated with some local draught beer in the hotel bar. We certainly slept well that night.

The following day we went to see the Forbidden City, which was a short (and cheap) subway trip away from our hostel. The Forbidden City was the imperial palace from 1420 to 1912, serving as the home of the emperors and the Chinese government. As someone who knows very little about Chinese history, there was a lot to try and take in and I felt that I couldn’t quite keep up with our audio guides. The palaces were impressive and we enjoyed exploring all the difference buildings, but it was freezing cold.

The Forbidden City.
Looking back at the front gate.

Beijing was well worth the visit, the highlight being the Great Wall. We found everything easy to navigate and the people friendly. I would love to visit again in the summer and maybe do a longer hike (and possibly camping) along the wonderful Wall.

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