Book discount show tickets Beijing!


book discount show tickets Beijing



From last year we started to help travellers book discount show tickets in Beijing and our travellers came back very very pleased with the shows. There are great shows in Beijing such as Legend of Kongfu, Chaoyang Acrobatic Show, Liyuan traditional Peking Opera, Tiandi Theatre Acrobatic Show, Lao She Teahouse. These shows  are worth watching from the point of view of experiencing local culture.

Personally I quite agree with that the city seems too large to comprehend! Beijing is a city rushing towards the future so fast…”  written by Damian Harper, the author of Lonely Planet Bejing Guide. Great shows in Beijing expose us old lifestyle, traditions that has been kept very well, “outdated” code of behavior etc at the moment when the city is “rushing towards the future”.


book discount show tickets Beijing


book discount show tickets Beijing


book discount show tickets Beijing


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