Important Eating Rules You Need To Know Before Visiting China

7 Eating Rules to Remember When Visiting China

Important Eating Rules You Need To Know Before Visiting China


Eating while in Beijing, China will be one of the most exotic experiences most travelers will ever experience. For starters, you will be expected to eat using chopsticks instead of a fork and spoon. More importantly, there is an entire culture surrounding the proper and polite way to use this utensil. Learn more about chopsticks and other important eating rules for visitors to China.

Chopsticks are Not for Stirring Serving Dishes

Your chopsticks are not used to stir serving dishes, just like you would never allow your chopsticks to hover around. Keep your chopsticks in your clutches when eating in China. Stirring your food especially in a serving dish is considered an offense to the chef.

Food is Never Passed With Chopsticks

Passing a piece of food to someone with your chopsticks—or receiving food by snatching it with your chopsticks—is extremely taboo. This is related to a Buddhist funeral rite that involves passing bones of a cremated body using chopsticks.

Chopsticks Should Never Stick Up Vertically in Food

If you leave a chopstick sticking out of a bowl of rice, this is a no-no. You are essentially feeding for dead people, which is not exactly in good taste when dining in Beijing. So remember the key—vertical chopsticks symbolize death.

No one likes to think of death when eating so plan accordingly. That is unless you are attending a funeral. In that case, leaving a small bowl of rice with an upstanding chopstick is perfectly acceptable.

Seating Arrangements Are Based On Seniority

The most important aspect of Chinese etiquette when dining is the seating arrangement. Avoid the faux pas of plopping down just anywhere or–the horror–of asking to move to a different table. The seats facing the east, entrance, and right side tend to hold more cultural value.

Important Eating Rules You Need To Know Before Visiting China beijing


Your Host Always Orders Food for All

The ordering of food will be taken care of by the host. This is great for you as a visitor since you will most likely be unable to read the menu, in Chinese writing, or tell the waitstaff what you want properly. Plus, the host will make sure you have the best delicacies and local cuisines, which allows you to truly experience Beijing and China when visiting the Great Wall.

The Guest of Honor Takes First Taste

If the guest of honor has not started eating, it is considered rude for others to begin. Just like the guest of honor sits in front facing the entrance—the most prestigious seat at any banquet—they eat first or tell everyone else when to start.

Food is Served Family Style

Food is served in big dishes, which are placed in the middle of a rotating table. The large variety of different foods will give you a great chance to try all sorts of new flavors and ingredients. If you see a dish sitting close to your plate, dig in. The more you try, the better you’ll look in front of your hosts—so be encouraged to try everything.

Also, avoid leaving an empty bowl. One last morsel remaining is polite. Otherwise, your host will think you still have room in your tummy for more food…and will continue to serve you or else feel offended.

Important Eating Rules You Need To Know Before Visiting Beijing


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How to Hike the Great Wall of China With a Large Family

Tips to Make the Adventure Fun for the Whole Family

Shot of a happy family out on a morning walk together


Hiking the Great Wall of China as a family can be a fun experience for everyone, especially when there are many of you to enjoy it together. The only way such a trip can be exciting is if you make sure that nothing goes wrong. That means no getting lost or leaving anyone behind, especially if you are a large family. Here are a few tips to help your plan for a great family hiking trip.

Preparing to Hike the Great Wall of China

If you are going to make all the way to the top of this great wall like Jinshanling, Gubeikou, then you will have to cover a distance of 6-7 miles a day. This might sound challenging but you can do this by following the local trails that are not very different from the longer ones.

A good example of how you can accomplish this is either by walking on time frames such as 2 hours or less. If not you can decide to cover a certain distance, for example, a mile and then come to a stop before you can proceed on to the longer trails. By doing this, you will be able to gauge the strength of each one in the group especially children and choose a suitable trail that will be easy for everyone to hike.

Best places to hike are the local parks. That is because these trails are flat, which makes them easy to hike. The only disappoint thing about these trails is that there are fewer views for you to enjoy. You can also use the internet to find suitable trails that surround you.

hiking the Great Wall with large family


Gage the Ability of Your Children

If will be hiking this great wall with your children, then you might want to gauge their abilities and understand their desires so that you can make this trip fun for them.

First of all, you need to make sure that they understand the great challenge that awaits. Once you start, notice how long it takes for them to start complaining of being tired. Is it after 15 minutes of hiking or they simply do not want to hike anymore after a few hours?

Such a plan can help parents decide whether their children will be able to accomplish such a task and understand them better. However, a little bit of motivation from the young adults can make the adventure look exciting and cool, to a point that the young ones would not want to miss out on such a trip. Such an attitude can motivate your children can help them gather the courage to hike this great wall.

However, you need to remember that the only way you can be able to enjoy this trip is if everyone is up to the task and excited. Moreover, be sure to find out whether there are even easier trails that you can use so that your children do not get tired after covering a short distance.

You can also distract the mind of your children and make them forget how far you are going by telling them stories. This is something easy to do and anyone in the group can do this. Either the young adults or the parents, be creative and make the trip more exciting for the sake of the young ones.

hiking the Great Wall with large family China


What to Carry Along When Hiking the Great Wall.

How old your children are and how long it will take for you to hike the great wall, will determine what you will carry for this great adventure.

The first and most important thing you need to carry for this trip is water. Especially if you will be hiking this great wall in summer.

Hiking during such a season will easily get you dehydrated that is why it is important that you carry enough water for the whole family. Especially when hiking long trail a good example is from Gubeikou to Jinshanling, a distance estimated to be more than seven miles. This is a day hike, which means you will need more water at least 1 gallon.

Besides water, it is also important that you carry enough food for everyone. Make sure that you carry enough snacks for your children. This will help them build up more energy as you continue hiking. Once you reach the packs, you will be able to get a decent meal.

Who is Going to Carry All These Things?

There is plenty of stuff that needs to be carried. But, the good thing is that you can help each other and make sure that carry everything that you need. Those who are 6 years of age and above can carry daypacks or backpacks packed with water, food and other items. This would really be helpful especially if there are kids that need to be carried.

hiking the Wall large family


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Great Wall of China Hiking Tips For People Who Don’t Like Hiking

Useful Hiking Tips to Make Your First Great Wall Hike Successful

Asian woman hiking on mountain path into the Great Wall Of China at Simatai Great Wall looking forward with hand on forehead- World heritage site-Beijing- China- Traveling adventure- outdoor activity


Whether you’re on a Great Wall hiking trip or camping overnight near the Great Wall, if outdoor strolling isn’t your thing, you’ll want to have hiking tips on how to get through it, lest you be “voted off the mountain”. You can use the following hiking tips to make your first Great Wall hike successful.

Wear Good Shoes

First off, wear good shoes. Not your good shoes. We mean shoes that are good for hiking. You want to have a good hike, buy the best hiking shoes you can afford.

Go straight to one of those stores that specialize in hiking gear and get fitted for your hiking shoes. By explaining that you are going to the Great Wall of China on a hike, the store personnel will help you select the right type of shoes for the terrain. This will save you the torment of discomfort when hiking.

Bring Plenty of Water

If you are thirsty, you are going to be miserable and in a potential health crisis. Stay hydrated by having plenty of water. Along with the traditional bottle of water, bring a hydration pack that you wear like a backpack.

Consider taking nutrition gels that contain electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. By having a number of water sources and liquids at your disposal, you are less likely to run out or lose all of your water to an accident.

Great Wall Hiking Tips For People Who Don't Like Hiking


Entertain Yourself

Listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, audio recordings of your loved ones, or anything else that you enjoy via earbuds. Download everything before you even get on the plane back home. This way you have your listening library ready to go.

Make sure to have plenty of power by carrying an external battery pack to charge your device. Then you will have a variety of things to distract you if you are feeling the hiking blahs.

Bring Your Favorite Foods

It’s called comfort food for a reason. When you have favorite snacks on hand you can savor the flavors of back home. This is great for those hikers suffering from homesickness. For hikers who tend to get traveler’s stomach when traveling abroad, this can also help remedy that issue.

Include foods that will be easier on the digestive system, which means avoid spicy, salty, caffeinated, or greasy snacks. Look for favorite food items like dried fruit, granola bars, nuts, seeds, jerky, and nut butters—all of which are also shelf stable.

Great Wall of China Hiking Tips For People Who Don't Like Hiking


Pack Wisely

Avoid overpacking. No one likes to carry a heavy backpack, and no one likes to listen to someone grumble about doing so. Don’t be that hiker. Instead, compromise and pack like a minimalist so you have only the essentials. Everyone will be happier for it, most importantly you.

Hike With Friends

If you have friends who hike, ask them to take you on a hike. Most people are happy to share their expertise, and introduce newbies to their favorite trails. Experience the Great Wall of China in Beijing with people who you know and love—it will make all the difference.

Chinese Great wall in Autumn and sunset, mountain and landmark very famous for travel near Beijing city, wall big one on the world, China, Asia


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The Seven Most Common Mistakes in Hiking Great Wall of China

7 Preventable Mistakes Hikers Make and How to Avoid Them

The Seven Most Common Mistakes in Hiking Great Wall of China


Hiking Great Wall of China is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the Wall. More so than any other type of activity, this outdoor adventure can get ruined in a moment, and even become very dangerous, unless you avoid making these common mistakes. Check out the 7 biggest mistakes travelers make and learn how to avoid them.

1. Not Eating Breakfast

Never skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. When you go hiking the Great Wall of China, you are going on an actual hike. This is not a short stroll to the park. You will work out strenuously at some points of the hike. Therefore, you want to have your energy up.  Choose food that’s full of fibre, to keep you full, and protein.

2. Not Paying Attention to the Weather

One of the first things you should be researching when planning your trip to the Great Wall is the weather during that season. Understand that the Great Wall sees extreme weather conditions ranging from heavy rains to harsh sun and heat.

Prepare for the weather, and then check the local forecast closer to your trip. A little rain isn’t a reason to cancel a hike but even the best precautions might not protect you from high winds, heavy snow or blazing heat. Weather apps can help keep you up-to-date.

The Seven Most Common Mistakes in Hiking Great Wall China


3. Over-packing

Yes, you want to have everything you need when hiking the Great Wall. But there is a limit and a point when the extra weight is harmful to your hiking abilities. Pack like a minimalist—even during your day hikes. Carry only what you need and cannot buy at some point along the wall.

4. Being Overconfident

Some people think they can hike the entire Great Wall of China in a single day. Those people are swiftly corrected when visiting the monumental structure stretching 5,500 miles.

Being too confident in thinking you can hike all day long can be just as detrimental to your experience. You can easily avoid this mistake by estimating your hiking speed and set goals.


The Seven Most Common Mistakes in Hiking Great Wall of China beijing


5. Not Considering Time and Pace

Evaluate the day’s hike according to two different factors. Start with the weather forecast. Then consider the hiking rating of the section of the Great Wall you are about to hike. Estimate, based on your previous hiking experiences, how long it will take you to hike the section accordingly. Try to keep the pace so you can rest assured that you will make it as far as you want.

6. Not Properly Using Trekking Poles

The Great Wall of China is made from ancient stones, bricks, and other materials that are hard and slick when wet. And since it rains quite often here, the wall tends to be slippery a lot.

Prepare for this by bringing trekking poles made from this type of surface. Practice with your poles beforehand to see how tall these need to be adjusted and how to use them safely.

7. Getting Caught in the Dark

Nightfall means cold temps and difficult routefinding. If you are caught out on the Great Wall of China in the dark, you’ll be the first to know there are no street lamps here. You are out in nature amongst campers and wildlife. Unless you intend on hiking the Great Wall in the dark, do two things.

Bring an electric or battery powered light source. Make sure you know what time the sun sets on that day. Then coordinate your hiking pace and time so that you can be back off of the wall before it gets dark.

The Seven Most Common Mistakes in Hiking Great Wall of Beijing


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What to Do If Your Flight is Canceled

Things to Do Immediately After Your Flight Is Canceled

What to Do If Your Flight is Canceled


Canceled flights can cause confusion, consternation, and a lot of frustration. However, there are a few things that you can do to resolve this tricky situation, such as:

Know Your Rights

Under U.S. law, airlines aren’t legally required to offer compensation for delays or cancellations – even when it’s their fault. However, if your flight is to or from Europe, you can go by EU rules – which are much more consumer-friendly.

For example, if your trip from New York to Paris is delayed by more than 4 hours, you could be entitled to a payout of up to €600.

Let the Airline Handle It

If your flight is canceled, the airline will rebook you for the next available departure. Before they do so, you can ask for a refund via the website or toll-free number. Though in most cases, you’re either not at home or have a schedule to keep. It may be best to stick with the itinerary they give you.

Should the cancellation result in an overnight wait, the airline may furnish you with a hotel room. If that’s so, grab a seat near the front of the shuttle to ensure you get to reception ahead of the other stranded passengers.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Whether due to storm or mechanical failure, delays and cancellations put a lot of pressure on airline representatives. If you approach a rep for help, don’t expect much. The smarter move is to call customer service.

The sooner you call, the better your chances of securing a seat on a flight that suits your schedule. While you are on the line, confirm your seat assignment to be sure you don’t get stuck in the middle.

Singapore - JUNE 13 2018: group of many of tourist people looking at the flight board at Singapore International Airport Terminal 4


Don’t Forget to Ask

If the delay has something to do with the plane or airline, food and hotel vouchers may be available – but busy staff can often overlook these details. Usually,  it is up to you to ask.

You will get another chance after you’ve landed at your destination. Call the airline and explain how your plans were disrupted. They may compensate you for your trouble.

Above All, Be Nice

Customer service is a tough gig – more so when the customers are angry from the get-go. Just try to remember that when flights are delayed or canceled, the airline does its best to help everyone.

That’s not always good enough for some passengers, but you don’t have to be one of those people. Take a breath, be patient, and you might be rewarded with better help than you expected.

In Closing

Though canceled flights are never fun to deal with, they are not the end of the world. By following the advice laid out in this article, you will soon be able to resolve your issue and get where you need to be.



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