Notice for the Toboggan / Chairlift Temporary Closure from Dec 5 – 15, 2017

Mutianyu toboggan / chairlift will be temporarily closed to all visitors for for routine maintenance between Dec 5th and Dec 15th, 2017. After Dec 15th, Mutianyu toboggan / chairlift will continuely open to public.

If you are planning to take toboggan / chairlift during this period, better adjust your plan to use cable car instead if it works for you. Happy travel!


Beijing 798 Art Zone Travel Guide

798 art district what to do


Although there are many interesting places you could visit in the world, China is really an area that should be on the list. With such a unique culture and so many interesting things to see, it can really be difficult to take it all in over the course of a single trip. If you do visit China and are in Beijing, there is a place that you should see. It is the Beijing 798 Art Zone and it is where many of the artists come together to show what they have to offer.

798 art district things to doThe primary focus of the 798 Art Zone is on modern art but there are also many other things to see what you are in the area as well. It has much to do with the Chinese culture as well and some of the most famous pieces from modern day artists are on display in one of the galleries or throughout the district. As you stroll around the district, you will find many interesting things to see and do, including some restaurants that are well worth visiting as well. There is much press that surrounds the art zone and it has generated some interest from within China as well as in many other areas around the world. In fact, as of 10 years ago, there were already some 400 different organizations from China and around the world that settled in and began displaying their wares in the zone. Some of those lands included Britain, France, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

There is much to see when you visit the 798 Art Zone, including regular art exhibitions and fashion shows. Although most of the focus is on modern art, there are also other artists that have settled in the area and have become part of the culture. If you are planning a visit to Beijing, then you may want to plan it around one of the art festivals. One of those festivals is during the month of May and the other is in October. They are so popular that you might just bump into someone famous that has flown in to see the exhibits.

798 art district travel guide


There are a number of notable places within the 798 Art Zone and all of the exhibits have something to offer. These few, however, should be part of your trip:

798 Space – If you are going to be coming in for a fashion show, then this venue is where you will likely find yourself. Even if a show is not taking place, it is worth seeing.

798 Photo Gallery – There are a number of unique photographs shown in this gallery, some of which are unlike anything you will see elsewhere in the area.

798 art district trip guide


At Cafe – Although this is not an art exhibit, it is a nice place to sit down and have a great cup of coffee. Skip the Starbucks and try a cup here.

Lord of Salt – If you are looking for some authentic Sichuan flavors, the chef here is from the province. There are many different things to try but all of them are great.

Street Art – It isn’t even necessary to go inside of the exhibits to see some interesting art pieces. There is also plenty happening right out on the street. Take the time to enjoy it.

How to get there  Take Subway Line 14 and get off at Wangjing Nan Station. Get out from Exit B1. Then take bus 403 and get off at Dashanzi Lukou Dong Station  or take a taxi to the destination.

Opening Time–  from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. daily.

Although there may be many different things you could do when you are visiting China, a visit to the 798 Art Zone is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

798 art district how to get there

Tips For A Self Guided Tour Of Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall tips tours


The Mutianyu Great Wall has so much to offer those who visit it. But that doesn’t mean you have to travel with a large group during a guided tour. Most would agree that the best way to experience the wall is on a self-guided tour with one or two of your friends. You can move at your own pace and stop to enjoy everything along the way.

If you’re interested, then we’ve got a few pointers to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible. These guidelines are by no means mandatory but are recommended by most who have already taken the tour themselves.

1. Choosing The Right Time.

If you’ve already booked your trip, then it’s a bit late for this step. But if you haven’t, then you’re in luck. The Mutianyu Great Wall is beautiful no matter what time of the year that you visit, but certain times will be more enjoyable.

For example, The months of February and March are known to experience dust and sandstorms that could easily take away from the fun of the trip. The months between December and January are the coldest. And the months of June and July experience the most rain. Ideally, you should attempt to schedule your tour either during May or November.

2. Take Advantage Of The Shuttle Bus.

A lot of first-time visitors decide to avoid the shuttle bus and simply hike to the entrance of the Great Wall. They expect to see a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. Unfortunately, they soon realize is an up-hill hike without much to see. The hike to the entrance is about 3 kilometers long and it winds up the side of a hill.

It can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to make the hike and reach the entrance. After which, you’ll probably be pretty exhausted. That will make it more difficult to enjoy the 2.2    kilometers of Great Wall that you came to see. The shuttle bus is pretty cheap and it only takes about ten minutes to reach the entrance.

Mutianyu Great Wall self guided tour tips


3. Plan To Spend A Few Hours On The Wall.

As mentioned, you’ll have about 2.2 kilometers of Great Wall available to you. Along that length is a total of 20 towers that have been rebuilt. Each of those towers is roughly 200 meters from the next. It’s easy to spend 2 hours walking from one tower to the next. People often spend much more than that because they stop to take pictures and have a rest.

If you also plan on hiking up and down the wall, then you’re looking at around 4 hours minimum for your tour. Keep in mind, that’s not leaving time aside for food or other refreshments. So make sure you’ve planned your schedule accordingly. You don’t want to show up too late and feel rushed to leave before you get to see it all.

4. You Can Bargain With The Shops.

If you’re from America, you might not be used to bargaining with shop owners. It’s a bit different in Mutianyu. You can often bargain with the souvenir shop owners along the wall. You might get items reduced by half of their cost if you’re good enough. The point is that you won’t know if you don’t try. It’s not frowned upon in China.

Enjoy Your Tour.

Once you’ve experienced the Mutianyu Great Wall for yourself you’ll realize why the same tourists come back year after year. It’s an impressive monument built on a beautiful stretch of land. It’s also some of the most affordable fun that you can have on a vacation.

Top 5 Places To Ski In Beijing

Beijing ski resort


Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the most populous capital city is a winter city. It experiences longer winter season, which makes skiing a popular past time in the city. There are several ski resorts that are scattered in all parts of Beijing.

1. Nanshan Ski Village

One of the largest and most beautiful resorts around Beijing, going to this ski resort is also a one-of-a-kind trip. Sightseeing of different parts of the Great Wall of China, Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing, and Chunhuiyuan Hotspring Resort, are several tourist destinations that you would pass by going to this ski resort.

This ski village is mainly marketed for the young skiers to enjoy. It boasts a total of trails for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers. It is also famous for the Off Piste or a tree run, and a seasonal toboggan run which is 1318 meters long and was imported from Germany. It is also preferred by a lot of skiers because of the famous Nanshan Mellow Park, which is the first advanced train in China.

This ski resort has snowsuits and ski rentals, as well as snowboarding equipment. They also offer skiing and snowboarding lessons for groups and individuals.

Location: Miyun County
Operational hours: Mon-Sun Day Ski: 8:45am–5:30pm
Entrance fee: Starts at RMB 120/2 hours

2. Shijinglong Ski Resort

Shijinglong Ski Resort is the very first ever ski resort built around Beijing. It is loved and frequented by loyal skiers, and is known to be one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the city. Its location is 80km north of Beijing city center, making the destination not so hard to go to.

The slopes of this resort offer a different skiing experience as skiers face the sun while skiing down the slopes. There are different 6 ski trails, and one advanced trail with 1000 meters run and a drop of 300 meters, two intermediate trails, each is 800 meters long with a drop of 135 meters, and 3 beginners trail.

Location: Yanquing County
Operational hours: Mon-Sun Day Ski: 8:00am–6:00pm
Entrance fee: Starts at RMB 120/2hrs

Beijing ski resort travel guide
3. Huaibei International Ski Resort

Promises to be the most beautiful ski resort in Beijing, this ski resort is surrounded by the Great Wall on its three sides. It has 7 ski trails, 1 expert trail, 3 intermediate trails, and 4 beginners trail. Snowboarding can also be done at this resort. There are coaches available by the hour for both skiing and snowboarding for all ages.

Location: Huairou District
Operational hours: Mon-Sun Day 8:00am –10:00pm
Entrance fee: Starts at RMB 60/hour

4. Jundushan Ski Resort

Located on the south slopes of Jundushan Mountain, this ski resort is very near the Ming Tombs, Juyongguan Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall, a hot spring and a spa resort. This ski resort is known for leisure skiing and is popular with tourists due to its proximity to other ski resorts.

It has 5 major ski trails, two beginners trail with 380 meters long run, two intermediate trails which are 530 meters and 380 meters run, and one advanced trail which is 1,200 meters long. It also has a ski school where anyone can learn ski tricks.

Location: Changping District
Operational hours: Mon-Sun Day Ski: 8:00-6:00, Night Ski 5:00-10:00
Entrance fee: RMB 20/person without skiing time

5. Qiaobo Ice and Snow World

The first and only indoor ski resort in Beijing. This ski resort has a 260-meter long run and a 150-meter bunny slope, which are both perfect for beginners and first-timers.

Location: Shunan Lu, Shunyi District
Operational hours: Mon-Sun 9am — 1pm
Entrance fee: No entrance fee

Beijing is a wonderful city to explore. There are many tourist destinations that would make a 5-day trip filled with activities and adventures. From skiing, you can also visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, as well Beijing’s famous caves. Most tourist companies offer different tour packages depending on the places you want to visit and your budget. But going around Beijing by yourself is not so hard as commute routes are widely available and often get you to famous destinations. You just got to learn basic Chinese, as most Chinese people cannot understand English.

Beijing Automobile Museum Travel Guide

Beijing Automobile Museum Travel Guide


China is a land with an absolutely incredible number of amazing places to visit, and the truth is that even a single city (especially one as important and historical as Beijing) will have plenty to offer residents and tourists a like. While not nearly as well known as some of the historical landmarks, the Beijing Automobile Museum is a stunning sight and definitely worth a visit during your time in Beijing!

What To Expect

Officially opened its doors to the public on September 23, 2011, this is the largest car museum in China, and features an impressive 50,000 square meters (over 150,000 square feet) and features over 80 vintage cars made both in China as well as many special ones that have been made abroad. This is an especially large exhibit that covers five floors and really dives into the design of some of the old vehicles not only showing a fully put together and functioning model – but some displays include the disassembled car set up in a way so you can study all the parts and get a visual idea of how they would come together to create the finished car.

Many displays focus on primitive engines and the predecessors to the earliest cars, providing a top notch educational experience that lets visitors see first hand how the technology evolved from the very beginning. This approach to the subject is part of the reason the Beijing museum, despite not being open all that long, has already surged in popularity. It really does strive to provide a full educational experience that is kept interesting and balanced.

Beijing Automobile Museum Guide


Classic Famous Vintage Cars

There are many really truly remarkable vintage cars that can be found in the Beijing Automobile Museum. This includes some of the truly famous vintage car models of all time that have long been considered among the cream of the crop no matter what country you’re from or what level of excellence that you expect.

This might be one of your only chances to see these amazing models all in one place, and they are each an amazing piece of automotive and engineering work.

Just three you can find there include:
– The XK-120
– Ferrari Dino
– Bugatti Type 38

Beijing Automobile Museum visit


Little Known Chinese Models

Perhaps even more fun for many visitors is to get a serious look at many of the lesser known Chinese models from decades ago, at a time where not nearly as much information was at the tip of the fingers about China or what was going on there. Examples of this include a variety of little known historical Chinese automobiles, the range of which is frankly amazing.

There are the Hongqi (pronounced Hong-Chee) which are some of the earliest widespread models in China, and although this company is known for luxury cars today, they are the longest running car company in China as they started mass producing vehicles as far back as 1958 including the famous black sedans that would be used by government officials and high ranking members of the party.

Add in oddities like early Gazas, see the immense differences in design and you really will get a really remarkable look at how much the auto industry has changed historically throughout China.

Primitive three wheel designs that are more like specialized scooters to the full sized black sedans that could be easily imagined to be cruising the streets of 1950s or 1960s America.

Beijing Automobile Museum tour


Don’t Forget The Interactive Displays!

Really it should come as no surprise that in a nation as strongly pro growth and pro technology as China that some of that would make its way into a relatively new museum and a barrage of enjoyable interactive driving displays helps further create an enjoyable format that appeals to a broad number of individuals.

In Conclusion

If you love cars, you are going to be hard pressed to find a more impressive public museum or collection than the one you will find at the Beijing Automobile Museum. While they brag about displaying 80 cars it feels like so much more. From interactive displays to classic cars to educational displays…and a few that seem bizarre but all in good fun (like the firetruck bursting through a wall for some reason?), this is a trip that is definitely worth making.

Address: 126 South Fourth Ring West Road, West of Huaxiang Bridge. The museum is right off the outer lane of the Fourth Ring Road.
Address in Chinese: 南四环西路126号,从花乡桥往西,博物馆就在南四环外边
Phone: 010-63756666
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm (last ticket sales 3:30pm)
Admission: Adults 30 Yuan, Children 20 Yuan (2017)
Recommended length of visit: 2 hours
How to get there: take Subway Line 9 to KeYi Lu and get out of the subway from Exit C, walk eastward for 300 meters passing by the footbridge, then you will find the Museum.

Beijing Automobile Museum Day trip