When is the Best Time to Visit the Great Wall


If you are intending to have the best of time on your holiday at Great Wall of China, planning ahead is what you need to do. Planning will involve you to determine which part of the wall you will visit and what season will be most favorable for you. Preferably most people like visiting the Great Wall when the weather is moderate,  but at the end of the day all that matters is an individual’s tastes and schedules. A reliable tour service provider will come in handy, helping you make the decision.

Some of the best seasons that you can visit the Great Wall are:  summer, spring and autumn when there are less visitors and beautiful panoramas. These seasons fall in the month of March to November, but as mentioned earlier your personal choice on when to visit the great wall is the key. Listed below are the experiences you will get to encounter on this site during the different seasons of the year.


In this region the summer season is experienced as from June to August. During this period,  visitors enjoy warm days and cool nights while visiting the Great Wall. This is also the best season for exploration and tourism lovers since all touring sites are usually open for plenty of visitors. You will also be able to view the copious green forest surrounding the Wall at its best.

Since it tends to rain between July and August it is advisable to carry outfits. Booking early in advance for this season will save you from experiencing increased prices on flights and accommodation. Note that during summer, visiting the Great Wallduring week days is more pleasant than visiting it during weekends.


Here spring comes between March and May. What makes this season super exciting is the blooming of the apricot tree across the wall. During this season,  visitors will also experience plenty of warm days and affordable travelling and accommodation rates. It also results to increase of green trees and breathtaking sand storms. Actually this is a perfect season for touring the wall since it is moderately sunny, fresh and green.


This season comes between November and March. It is normally characterized by cold weather, ice fall and resilient winds. Though this could be a challenging weather, it becomes favorable during January to February where the visitors experience temperatures ranging from -5 -12 with violent winds from Siberia. The Chinese New year period also falls on late January to the beginning of February and as a result this Wall is usually flocked with Chinese tourists.

Winter lovers get to enjoy the incredible snowy mountains the as well the snow filled Great Wall. However, they ought to come ready for a harsh weather where the daylight hours are few. Due to these conditions visitors that come during this season should not forget to carry along outfits that will keep them warm as they tour the wall. Most visitors avoid this site during this time so it is definite that the touring rates are quite favorable during winter.


This is quite a comfortable season and the best time to visit the Great Wall. It is during this time that the wall experiences the fall foliage and you have the best temperatures to enjoy touring outdoor comfortably.

During fall you will experience a clear lovely sky, incredible mountains and plenty of juicy fruits like grapes, apricots and peaches. It is also the best season for visitors who love photography since they get the most serene weather for capturing beautiful photographs in the morning and during sunset.

When is not the best time to visit the Great Wall

Public Holidays/Weekends: Most Chinese tourists like visiting the area during public holidays and weekends which makes it overly crowded. Some of these holidays include the May, spring and the National holiday. If you want to enjoy this scene to the fullest avoid visiting it during these holidays since there will be loads of congestion.

During mid-morning hours the place is usually crowded too so the best time to visit the wall is early hours of the morning and the late afternoon.

Beforehand Plans

You don’t want to be clueless about the weather you will find once you visit this great wall. Regardless of all these season variations the Great Wall of China is a wonderful place to be anytime of the year since every season has an exciting scene that every visitor must enjoy.

How far is the Great Wall from Beijing airport?

airport to the Great Wall

If you’re flying into Beijing airport and have your sights set on visiting the Great Wall of China, continue reading to discover how far it is from the airport to the Great Wall.

How far is the Great Wall from Beijing airport?

It takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to drive straight from Beijing Capital International Airport to the Great Wall, depending on which section of the wall, you’d like to visit. If you’re short of time, your best bet is to head to Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, which is located just 66km drive from the airport. Mutianyu has an amazing toboggan ride, which in itself is enough reason to have a visit. Alternatively, Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall, is also located within an easy, short 77km drive. Whilst travel times are dependent on traffic, you should be able to reach either Jiankou section of the Great Wall or Jinshanling section of the Great wall within 2.5 hours of leaving Beijing Capital International Airport.

If you have a little more time up your sleeve and are planning on spending several days in Beijing, you may be interested in touring the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall, which is located 139km  from the airport.

Distance between Beijing Airport and the Great Wall

  1. Beijing airport (about 66 km) Mutianyu Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
  2. Beijing airport (about 68 km) Juyongguan Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
  3. Beijing airport (about 78 km) Badaling Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  4. Beijing airport (about 90 km) Jiankou Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  5. Beijing airport (about 77 km) Huanghuacheng Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  6. Beijing airport (about 144 km) Jinshanling Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
  7. Beijing airport (about 139 km) Gubeikou Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
  8. Beijing airport (about 139 km) Simatai Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road.
how far from the airport to the Great Wall

How to get to the Great Wall:

If you’re traveling to the Great Wall, from Beijing Capital International Airport, you have a variety of options. As there are no direct tour buses/trains, from Beijing airport to the Great Wall, many travelers choose to rent a car and driver or take a taxi, to and from the Great Wall. However, if you’re on a budget you can reach the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, using public transportation.

You may be interested in catching the Airport Express Train to Dongzhimen, Exit E. It takes about 25 minutes, and the fare is RMB 25. Then, you may take bus line 916 Express to Huairou North Avenue (Huairou Beidajie) Station, and takes 80-90 minutes.  Then, transfer to bus line h23, h24, h35, or h36 to Mutianyu Roundabout. Afterwards, walk about 500 yards (450 meters) to the ticket office of the scenic area. Or, you may take a minivan to the scenic area from Huairou North Avenue at about RMB 50-60.

Alternatively, if you are a Mandarin speaker, you can probably engage a taxi for a flat fee (negotiated/non-metered)–for time and distance, around RMB800-1000 for the trip to Mutianyu Great Wall is plenty. Just ask the driver and he will bring you to the Mutianyu Great Wall and come back.

To find a taxi at the airport, follow the signs of the arrival to go downstairs and you will see all of the taxis standing in a line. Wait your turn in line. When your turn comes, the next available taxi will take you to your destination.

If you’re not confident about your ability to make the necessary transfers, to catch public transportation to the Great Wall from the airport, fear not, as pre-arranging a car and driver, from the airport, is highly recommended, as your time is valuable. So if you’re concerned about getting lost on a train or bus, there’s no need to worry.

how far the great wall from the airport

No matter which section of the Great Wall you choose to visit, whether you have a few hours in Beijing or a few days in Beijing, traveling to the Great Wall, is sure to be one of your highlights of your stay. If time isn’t a factor, it also may be worth looking into visiting multiple sections of the Great Wall. After all, who knows how long it will be, before you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall again and the Great Wall is only a 1.5-2.5 hour drive from Beijing Capital International Airport.

What are the best ways from the airport to the Great Wall of China?

airport to the Great Wall


So you got a layover at Beijing PEK – or you just arrive for your Beijing Trip and you want to visit the Great Wall of China. Great idea, but don’t forget that, unless you have more than 7 hours between your two flights, you won’t have the time to get off the airplane, walk through the border control, go to the Great Wall and come back. How lucky you are, you have indeed more than 6 hours: en route for the Great Wall then!

The closest section to the Airport is the Mutianyu Great Wall. There are no direct tour buses/trains from Beijing airport to Mutianyu Great Wall. From Beijing Airport, you can either take a taxi or  rent a car  to the Great Wall:

The Taxis

If you are a Mandarin speaker, you can probably just wait until you get to the airport and engage a taxi for a flat fee (negotiated/non-metered)–for time and distance, around  RMB800-1000 for the trip to Mutianyu Great Wall is plenty. Just ask the driver and he will bring you to the Mutianyu Great Wall and come back.

To find a taxi at the airport, follow the signs of the arrival to go downstairs and you will see all of the taxis standing in a line. Wait your turn in line. When your turn comes, the next available taxi will take you to your destination.

Pro: you can just get out of the airport, go downstairs and here they are, waiting for you (ok, you may have to wait before getting one)

Cons: Taxi can be stuck in the traffic jam between the airport and Beijing. You may be approached by illegal taxis who will offer rides to the Great Wall usually double price than legit taxis. This can happen to the first timers who are wandering around looking for the taxi line after a long flight.  Avoid this as these are unsafe, unlicensed, uninsured and illegal and you put yourself in danger if you use these services. Make sure the meter gets turned on before getting inside.

Rent a car and driver

If you are not a Mandarin speaker, renting a car and drive is the simplest and the most reliable way for a half / full day visit to the Great Wall. Pre-arranging a car and driver is highly recommended as your time is valuable.

Once you reached the Great Wall, Driver will wait for you in the car park and he knows where to take you and when to bring you back. Driver probably speaks little or no English, but an English speaking guy back office can be reached by cell phone if need be. It may sound tricky – but it probably works perfectly well. Likely it will be more in the RMB 800-1200, depending on the number of passengers using different types of vehicles (4-seater car/ 6-seater van /9 seater van) Cable car fee (if you don’t want to hike up to top) are extra.

Renting a car and driver from the airport to the Great Wall has many advantages: It’s more efficient and faster alternative buses. Lower cost – consider fuel, taxes, extra time and unforeseen costs going by taxi, renting a car and driver will save your money. They avoid traffic (normally 1.5  hours each way from the airport), which allows you to optimize your layover time. Drivers has a good knowledge of Beijing, local roads and driving conditions,  Ideal for traveler who wants to explore the Great Wall during a layover!

Beijing Airport Tour: A deserving welcome

Beijing Airport Tour


China has always been among the world’s top tourist destinations. The great Wall of China is one monument that is a must-see for all visitors. From Beijing international airport, you can easily get to this wall with the best tour services. It is a hassle-free ride to get to the great wall and you have a better look at the Chinese capital’s life as you get away to the outskirts. It will be a tour you look forward to every time you want to visit China.

A look at the statistics

The Beijing Capital International Airport sits on over 3,700 acres (1,480 hectares) of land. This airport experiences an estimated 90.1 million passenger traffic every year. This makes it the second busiest passenger airport globally, a position it has held since 2010. In terms of aircraft traffic, this airport experiences around 0.55 million landings and take-offs each year. This makes it the sixth most used airport in the world. Over 1.78 million tons of cargo pass through this airport each year. This makes it the 13th busiest cargo airport in the world. This airport alone pumps over $6.5 billion into the economy of China yearly.

The operations puzzle

Looking at the statistics you will realize that this airport works on miracles. For it to handle such kind of passenger, aircraft and cargo traffic there has to be a state-of-the-art operations protocol on this airport. Can you imagine how a nearly 2 million tons of cargo can manage to pass through a single point swiftly? What amount of manpower is needed to keep up the operations of the airport running? How has technology influenced the smooth operation of this airport? What’s the architectural score of this airport?

A Beijing airport tour will answer all this questions and any other you may have.

The Terminals

The Beijing Capital International Airport has three state of the art terminals. This include Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is the latest terminal in this airport and it opened it’s doors to full operations in March 2008. This terminal futures top notch lighting designs. It also has numerous duty free shops where you can buy a variety of commodities cheaply. This terminal also features the Airport Express technologized train transportation.

Five star hospitality

This airport has a several five star hotels for tourists like you. This hotels also host passengers who feel to rest as they await their connecting flight. As a tourists to this airport, you won’t have to worry about going back to the city to get a place to nap. This hotels will not only give you the finest Chinese hospitality but also the tastiest Chinese cuisines.

The trick

This is the simplest tourist trip you will ever take. You even don’t have to be going for a trip to tour the Beijing airport. All you need to do is take a flight that’s connects through the Beijing airport to whatever destination you are going. You can spend some days at the airport as you tour around.

As simple as that your Beijing airport tour is done and you have gone to the Great wall of China and back.

Beijing Layover Tour: Seeing the Great Wall of China from the airport

Beijing airport to the Great Wall


Is there going to be a long layover in Beijing and you are wondering how to spend that layover time? Sitting back in those uncomfortable chairs and browsing your iPhone may seem a good idea but not exciting at all. And to sidestep this monotonous phase, there are layover tours thankfully to ‘must visit’ sights of the city so that you can just hop off your plane and make your layover memorable. These layover trips are quick and fun. They can be more enthralling if suppose you have a longer layover of about 7-14 hours. Then there are even more options to escape the humdrum of Beijing airport.

One such beguiling and remarkable tour includes a trip from Beijing airport to the Great Wall. The Great Wall of China awaits you with its beautiful and exclusive sights. And there are other highlight stints as well to go for. So, no matter how short or long your airport layover is, you have the chance to discover various art scenes of Beijing. You can savor yourself with the food offerings or indulge in its historic monuments.

Airport Layovers

One thing that you would actually find fascinating about this airport layover is the 72 hours, visa free layovers offered by the country. The step has been taken so that you can come out of the airport and go sightseeing for a few major tourist attractions. There is a separate lane at the airport for 72 hours, visa-free stopovers. After collecting your boarding pass from the first flight and a ticket to next destination you can come out of the airport for exploring.

There are taxis and trains to all the prominent places of interest but you are not likely to get cab if you have stepped out during the rush hour. However, the rides are short by taxis or trains and you can easily board one outside of the rush hour.

There are several private tours as well with various tour packages. They have all the savoir-faire and are well-equipped to make your trip smooth and exhilarating. You can contact and hire one before landing and schedule your plan accordingly.

Beijing airport layover tour

Beijing Airport to the Great Wall

Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and well-known places all around the globe. It is something nobody would want to miss especially on the layover tour. There are eight sights of this Great Wall all within a distance of 65 to 140 kilometers from the International Airport. The walls from nearest to farthest are in order- Mutianya, Juyongguan, Badaling, Jiankou, Huanghuacheng, Jinshanling, Gubeikou and Simatai Great Wall. The time taken for travelling there by road ranges between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on their distances.

You can leave your luggage with your tour coordinator or to your airline services to avoid hauling your baggage unnecessarily during your trip. There are counters at the airport to exchange your money which is highly advisable. Your tour will begin the very moment you step outside the airport where your pre-booked guide will be waiting for you.

So, make use of your waiting time and go see Beijing with the help of transfer services to and from Beijing Capital Airport.