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Passing through Beijing? See Beijing during your waiting time! Take a picture in front of the world famous Great Wall and all the highlights not to be missed…


If you have 7 hour layover in Beijing or more – on a 24 hour direct transit or 72 hour Beijing visa free stopover, take a private tour of the Great Wall / the Forbidden City / Tian’anmen Square with transfer services to and from Beijing Capital Airport during your waiting time. Collection and return is available directly from your terminal of arrival and return to your departure terminal following your tour. The terminals at Beijing Capital Airport are numbered 1 to 3.


How far it is from Beijing Capital International Airport to the Great Wall

  1. Beijing airport (about 66 km) Mutianyu Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
  2. Beijing airport (about 68 km) Juyongguan Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
  3. Beijing airport (about 78 km) Badaling Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
  4. Beijing airport (about 90 km) Jiankou Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  5. Beijing airport (about 77 km) Huanghuacheng Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  6. Beijing airport (about 144 km) Jinshanling Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
  7. Beijing airport (about 139 km) Gubeikou Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
  8. Beijing airport (about 139 km) Simatai Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road.


The tour begins from the moment you arrive in Beijing. You will be welcomed at Capital Airport arrival gate or your hotel near the airport by your guide / driver holding a sign with your name, and take you to the Great Wall / city center during Beijing sightseeing tour. Your guide / driver will assist you with any reasonable request (purchase entrance tickets, stop for lunch, etc) They will arrive on time at the airport in their professional attire and their time clock will start automatically. Your luggage, if necessary, will be loaded into vehicle to make good use of your Beijing layover time.

Enjoy 8 or 10-hour Beijing layover tour / stopover tour, instead of waiting for hours at the airport for your connecting flight. Following the tour you will return back to the airport ahead of your scheduled departure time, and continue with your journey escorted by your tour guide / driver. Tour times are offered according to your layover schedule. As a guideline for the Capital airport, allow approx. 45 minutes –-1.5 hours to clear Immigration and Customs to begin your tour. Check in for flights to Europe /America is at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.

Note: we can supply cold weather clothes if you book with us 1 week in advance in Dec, Jan, Feb.

Couple with child walking on Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, China, Asia


Luggage in layover

Airport layovers: you don’t have to be like this
Airport layovers: you don’t have to be like this

Leave your luggage with us or your airline. Passengers on layover tours arriving and departing from Beijing Capital airport will normally have their luggage sent to their final destination from their airport of origin. If you’re looking to ditch your bags while you explore Beijing, the airport offers left Luggage counters at all the three terminals. You can leave your luggage for few hours to few days. For more information, click here. If you will have greater luggage requirements please ask for a quotation.

For example: A layover in Beijing in between flights from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Manila, the Philippines. Luggage will be sent directly from Amsterdam to Manila. The information is only a guideline and it’s always recommend to check precise details with your airline. We are aware of how important your time is while on transit. Whether it be that you only have a few hours in between journeys or that you just want the safety and comfort of a Beijing tour after a flight or train journey, we can help.

Money exchange

It’s advisable to exchange some money at the airport counters or ATM as you need to purchase entrance tickets for attractions. Its handy to have some RMB when you arrive. There are 24 hour currency exchange counters at Beijing airport in all terminals as well as ATMs. Check out this post for locations. Money saving tips: Better exchange money in China rather than your country.

Free cell phone rental service

The Free cell phone rental service is available once booking your layover tour with us. You would be able to get free local calling service upon your arrival at Beijing airport. The service includes one cell phone and local calling Sim with unlimited local calls in case you need to contact us during your layover tour. This is suitable for your private layover tour without tour guide. You would be able to explore the sites on your own with 100% worry free. Cell phone will be returned back at the airport before your departure.

  • Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour

    Enjoy a short, sharp Great Wall adventure travel experience in spectacular Mutianyu on an intimate, private guided trip. Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hours. For more useful Mutianyu travel tips, check out: Mutianyu travel guide.

  • Forbidden City & Tian’anmen Square Layover Tour

    Guided walks through spectacular Tian’anmen Square and the famous landmark -Forbidden City without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hours

  • Huanghuacheng Great Wall Layover Tour

    Experience historic and stunning landscape of wild Great Wall in Huanghuacheng with our friendly knowledgeable guide. Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hours

  • Olympic Village Layover Tour

    Enjoy the awe-inspiring “Bird’s nest” (National Stadium)  and world-class “Water Cube” (National Aquatics Center) leave the organising to us. Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hours


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