Great Wall safety advice

The Great Wall of China was not constructed as a tourist sight so safety had not been an important factor to consider when building it. The Great Wall can be a dangerous place due to loose rock, gravel on steep slopes, long, steep flights of stairs, steep mountain ridges etc. A recent accident took place on Friday, May 4th 2012.  A woman was injured after she fell 10 feet off a cliff near the “Sky Stairs”, the famous scenic spot with a precipitous stair at Jiankou Great Wall.

Go with a group

Small stones, gravel, overgrown bushes and snow and ice in winter makes the certain sections of Great Wall quite slippery. In that case,  Great Wall safety advice is that always go with a group, tell someone where you are going and when to return. Outdoor adventures are fun for group, family and friends. Traveling with a partner will help you in many ways. People in pairs are much less likely to panic.

Watch weather report

Pay attention to the weather forecast a day before the actual Great Wall hike. Do not visit the Wall on snowy days. Rain, snow and especially ice makes the Great Wall even more dangerous. Avoid using cell phone, broadcast or any other electronic equipment during a thunderstorm while you are on the Wall. Turn off cell phone and take shelter in a watch tower during a thunderstorm.

Play it smart

  • Bringing plenty of water along your hike is a good Great Wall safety advice. Drink your water regularly. Never drink untreated water.
  • Never go on a hike if you don’t have the experience and preparation for it. Taking on a three-day Great Wall hike when you haven’t any exercised at home it’s certainly not the best choice.
  • Be sure you are dressed in layers so that you can adjust to the surrounding temperatures as they change. It will actually keep you safe and healthy.
  • Be aware of natural landmarks around you as you walk past them, If the hike becomes more than you can handle and want to turn back, you can recognize them.
  • Any time humans interact with nature, there is a chance of injury. Read and respect signs that are posted along the Great Wall to avoid possible injury.
  • Use moisturizer to help you moisturize your skin, as it is always dry in spring, autumn and winter.
  • Wear scarves and windproof jacket to block the wind as it is quite windy in spring, autumn and winter on the Great Wall.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by using scarves, protective clothing, hats, sunscreen as it’s pretty hot on the Great Wall in July.
  • Take a break regularly while hiking on Great Wall. Don’t overexert yourself. Take a hiking poles with you if it’s necessary.
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