8 Mosques You Should Visit in Beijing

8 Mosques You Should Visit in Beijing tips


Take a Look at Some of the Most Beautiful Mosques That Are Worth Visiting When Traveling in Beijing

Beijing, the glittering capitol city of China, has been a center for many Asian cultures and beliefs for thousands of years. While visiting this amazing destination, why not experience some of Beijing’s lesser known cultural attractions? From historical artifacts to unique architecture to sprawling gardens, the eight mosques on this list each have their own character and charm. Many tourists will visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City but, by venturing off the beaten path, you can have an exciting adventure and experience a side of Beijing that few will see.

1. Niujie Mosque

Niujie Mosque is renowned for being the largest such building in all of Beijing. The mosque and grounds cover an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, so there’s a lot to see here. It features a fabulously colorful interior that offers visitors a unique blend of traditional Chinese and Islamic decor.

2. Dongsi Mosque

Dongsi Mosque has been renovated many times over its 650 year history, which allows you to glimpse both older and more modern styles of Chinese Islamic decorations. Many of its features reflect the mosque’s Ming Dynasty roots. Inside the building, you can view some rare cultural relics including a hand-written copy of the Quran from the Yuan Dynasty.

3. Madian Mosque

The beauty of this gleaming white and green-accented mosque can be seen from far away, drawing visitors closer. Here, you will find a traditional courtyard and vibrant Chinese-influenced accents including magnificent green-tinged windows. You can linger in the shade of the tree-filled courtyard to enjoy the view.

4. Nan Douya Mosque

This sleek, austere mosque features a beautifully precise attention to every detail of its construction. The Nan Douya Mosque is free for foreigners and visitors, making it a welcoming, peaceful respite for travelers who have had a very busy day.

5. Jinshifang Street Mosque

The Jinshifang Street Mosque, also known as the Pushou Mosque, is located in the Xicheng District of Beijing. It glitters in the bright sunlight with an amazing display of gold, blue, green, and white. The main prayer area covers 600 square feet and is a prime example of the classical Chinese architecture of the Ming Dynasty.

8 Mosques You Should Visit in Beijing


6. Changying Mosque

Visitors and worshipers alike find their spirits soothed by the cool blue interior of this mosque. The Changying Mosque and grounds cover a massive 8,500 square meters. This attraction has an airy, welcoming courtyard overflowing with blossoms and ancient trees.

7. Dongzhimen Wai Mosque

This Mosque is one of the most active among Islamic Chinese, giving visitors ample opportunities to see the authentic culture here. It was originally built in the Yuan Dynasty, and then rebuilt in the late Qing Dynasty. One interesting fact about this mosque is that it was moved to its current location in Dongzhimen.

8. Huashi Mosque

If you love Beijing’s flower gardens and forests, you will want to visit the Huashi Mosque. This appealing structure’s colorful exterior of red and green hides an even more vividly colored interior courtyard. The spacious grounds cover 2,000 square meters, offering plenty to see. Its massive prayer hall features numerous editions of the Quran and a stone tablet of Emperor Yongzheng.

Map of 8 Mosques You Should Visit in Beijing

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