5 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival Like a Local in Beijing

From Beihai Park to the Summer Palace, an Amazing Mid-Autumn Celebrations Awaits

5 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival Like a Local in Beijing


Mid-Autumn Festival represents the second biggest festival in Chinese Culture. This year, the festival will fall on the 24th of September. Residents of Beijing in particular take this tradition very seriously and celebrate accordingly. It is an annual tradition to enjoy the festival with moon cakes, lanterns and more. If you haven’t had plans on where to go. Here’re 5-venue suggestions for you to visit:

#1 Beihai Park

Situated in the northwestern part of the Forbidden City, this is the area where finest, historically preserved imperial garden in all of China can be seen. Residents are known for enjoying a boat cruise in the area, facilitating full moon reflection by water.

5 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival Beijing


#2 Gubei Water Town & Simatai Great Wall

Set in Miyuan County, Gubei Water Town is a true sightseeing gem as well as a favorite holiday spot. There is stunning architecture to be enjoyed, not to mention Simatai Great Wall favored by tourists and locals alike.

When night falls, the town will be illuminated in celebratory style, making it possible to visit Simatai Great Wall in the evening hours. Free performances are offered in the town center, and Chinese opera and musical fountains provide tremendously memorable entertainment.

Gubei water town at night in Beijing,China.


#3 The Summer Palace

Locals love to stop at the Summer Palace during Mid-Autumn festival in order to witness the glories of the osmanthus flowers. Though perhaps not as well-known as other attractions, the trees that produce these flowers add an indescribable loveliness to the imperial garden spaces. Because boat excursions at festival time are very popular, it is best to reserve spots ahead of time.

Scenery of Summer Palace, Beijing


#4 Shichahai

The oldest water area in Beijing is Shichahai. Nightfall brings a fleet of wooden boats that glide along the water. Aboard these vessels are women who play traditional Chinese instruments. Visitors can enjoy tea and moon cakes during this reflective experience.

Boat operators tend to charge higher rates during Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is important to have an advance reservation due to heightened demand at this time of year.

5 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival of Beijing


#5 Beijing Planetarium

Sitting at Xizhimenwai Avenue within the Xicheng District, the Beijing Planetarium is an impressive observatory that features a massive telescope. Those interested in getting a detailed and scientific glimpse of the full moon will not be disappointed by a visit here.5 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival China Beijing

Map of 5 Best Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing


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